Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Have A Meaningful Hari Malaysia 2009

"We thank you, Yasmin Ahmad" (1958 - 2009)
Have A Meaningful Hari Malaysia
What Malaysians Want: To Celebrate Our Differences

What would the world be like if everyone looked much like everyone else; same hair, skin colour and appearance? What would the world be like if only one culture existed, one religion, one language? Would the world still be as beautiful, as rich, as vibrant and exciting as it is today?

What about Malaysia?

What would Malaysia be like if we all belonged to one ethnic group, one religious tradition?

Would there be nasi lemak, char kuey teow, banana leaf rice, chapatti and dhal? Asam pedas, yong tau foo, vadai and rojak? Would there be roti canai and teh tarik?

Would women wear baju kurungs, cheongsams and saris? Would children recognize our Sikh brother with his majestic turban, Pak Cik wearing his kopiah, Annai with his white vesti and Apek in a Pagoda t-shirt?

Would there be kompang, Chinese drums or tablas? How about the joget, sumazau and bhangra? Will we get to enjoy Dikir Barat, Chinese Opera and the Bharatanatyam? Would we celebrate Gawai and Keamatan?

Will we wake up to the soothing call of the azan and go home at the end of the day to the alluring sounds of Hindu temple bells or the clank of cymbals as we breathe in the quaint smell of incense drifting from a Chinese temple? Would Sundays be Sundays without church bells ringing?

Would all our weddings be the same old same old? No adat bersanding or bunga telur, no tea ceremony or yam seng, no nalangu or laddu?

What would Malaysia be like with no Hari Raya? No ketupat, bunga api, pelita and no children going house-to-house collecting duit raya? What if there was no Chinese New Year, no reunion dinner, no yee sang, no ang pow and no lion dance?

What if we did not celebrate Deepavali, and nobody carried out the oil-bath ritual, or decorated their houses with kolam and no lamps were lit? What if we did not experience the spirit of togetherness at Christmas or listen to the harmony of Christmas carols? Would we still celebrate with each other by holding open houses?

What would Malaysia be like if we all belonged to only one ethnic group, one religious tradition?

Can we still call this country Malaysia?

Would we still be Malaysian?

let us add value,
Have A Meaningful Hari Malaysia

As featured in THE STAR tomorrow

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Auntie Dot said...

Actually, if everyone were to look the same and be the same, it would be like Mr Smith in the Matrix...and oooooo...he's baaaaaaad....

I remember a documentary on Visit Malaysia sometime back, when a Mat Salleh was interviewed by a local, and I think the motto for that year was "Amazing Malaysia" or something like that. He responded by saying, "What I find Amazing about Malaysia, is that it constitutes many races, living together in harmony."

I guess we have always been a "ONE MALAYSIA" all through out....we just have to remind ourselves in these tough time.. It's like a marriage. It's when the going gets tough, that the couple should be reminded of the love for each other....

Co-author@smallstepsandlittleseeds said...

the perfect ad for Hari Malaysia. simple yet extremely meaningful...

Unknown said...

Meaningful indeed. Malaysians should view this ad seriously and work things out to live in peace n harmony. Selamat Hari Malaysia.

Unknown said...

Brother, as always your choice for the 'cover' is a true Malaysian. I am with you in spirit on this day. Best wishes and have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

This want is a WINNER!!

Anonymous said...



jgn nak berpura-pura jadi baik.