Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What does the Quran says about dogs?

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Nansdottir1 said...

I too had a Pedro, but in my case he was a German Shepherd named Jesse. Jesse’s job was to keep my neighbour’s granddaughter safe as she rode her little tricyle around the neighbourhood – Jesse would gently nudge her to the side of the road whenever she drifted towards the centre. I used to take the public bus home after school, and the bus stop was quite a distance from my house. I’d pass Jesse’s house first, and he would get up and walk quietly beside me. I never once felt afraid of Jesse. It was good to have company. He would wait while I unlocked the gate, and as I shut it, I would say, “thank you, Jesse. I’m home now, you can go.” And Jesse would walk away.

Last year, a stray mongrel puppy came to my neighbourhood. I fed her and named her Sara, and was rewarded by Sara running circles around me and my car every morning and evening – she wanted to play. She ran around the kids in the neighbourhood too, and of course, 2 weeks later, the big burly men of the MBSA pound came to take her away. I think my neighbours were angry, and the MBSA men amused, that a lone Malay-Muslim woman in a tudung was crying her eyes out and shouting at them to be gentle with Sara when they hurled her into the back of the van…

As much as I like cats, it’s always the sight of an injured (or dead) DOG on the road that usually makes me cry!

Auntie Dot said...

We were in love, Mattu and I. He would come over, lie down close to me while watching TV, paws on my lap, looking up to my face, with those pleading eyes, waiting for me to pet the back of his ears which I gladly did, sometimes subconsciously, his master looking upon us through envious eyes. That's his soft spot, behind the ears.

I was more heartbroken having to part with Mattu,which is more than I can say for his master. The relationship did not last (me and the master) but it is Mattu (and the master's mom)that remain in my mind and my heart long after I had forgotten him.

Ha! Ha! The same argument I used against my mom regarding prolonging life by hindering the malaikat maut from coming into the house because of the presence of a dog!! My mom gave up on me long time ago…

Someday sometime in the future, I plan to grow old in some quiet small house by the seaside, with a Labrador retriever to call my own. I hope by then, the Auta-rity will not come up with another amazingly imbecilic ruling prohibiting the staying in together a dog and a human on charges of khalwat or never know with these atrophied gray matters...

samaritan said...

Dear Anas,Marina,Syed, Walski and all your faithful blogger followers.

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PahNur said...

Oh hey Samaritan, hi. Is it about dogs? Coz we are all talking about dogs and how good they are in this blog.

samaritan said...


More then you can think of. Imagine what you can do by knowing the real source of this so call religion. “Power “as you use to describe it. Naturally humankind is seeking to fine it. Be the first to find it and its goes well with you.

Agape Luv.

Ijat Mental said...

totally agree with your opinions toward dogs. i dont keep any myself but there are 3-4 strays wandering around my house most of the nights as if they are guarding us. no poops around and they get along well with a bunch of stray cats my mak feeds at home.

i like to lepak with my chinese friends at bukit tinggi and they were surprised seeing me pet the dog and ask 'you touch a dog and you can't pray for 44 days aaa??
to all, there is nothing bad, haha!! and it keeps me thinking how our misjudgment towards dog have cloud their perception towards Islam.

Maybe malay are accustom to the idea that dogs are a bad being. i dont know where it comes from i disagree.

for me what we really need is the knowledge. learn how to handle dogs correctly, hygenically and we all be fine.

they are 1 of gods finest creation not some kind of demon you should afraid n despise..

**kesian tengok anjing kaki tiga kat tepi jalan.

Zafirah said...

i love this post! =) my family keeps 2 dogs at home at the disgust of the makcik at the end of the road who actually said "kalau orang rumah tu buat kenduri aku tak pergi"..

And everytime some one knows that we rear dogs they go "you're not scared? i thought muslims can't rear dogs!" to which i will cheakily answer : God says we can't eat dogs la...

i think dogs are wonderful beings.. one should try sit by a dog when one is sad and does wonders. =)

Aunty Dot: A Lab would be perfect in that setting of yours..they are adorable and they just adore you..i know mine does =)