Friday, January 14, 2011

If we allow these people to decide, TIN KOSONGS will run the country.

Click here to read an article extolling debates by Lim Mun Fah.

It’s sad to know that many educated Malaysians truly believe that debates are a good way to gauge leadership, explain policies & as an avenue for political engagement. No wonder our politics are in such a mess:)

How many good debaters u know r productive citizens? Is Bill Gates a debater? Have you seen Warren Buffet debate? Lim Goh Tong? Steven Spielberg? Henry Ford?

How many school debaters you know are now running organizations? While some capable leaders are good debaters, majority are not. One must not mistaken oratorical skills with conceptual and organizational ability.

In fact, in business organizations, those who like to debate are usually those lazy disruptive individuals who hide their inability and unwillingness to be productive with complains clothed in words that sounds smart, full of courage and concern. They love to whine about what 'others are not doing'.

They do not become Top Management; in fact many never even got to mid management. But everyday they have debates and opinions at the kedai kopi, office cafeteria , etc etc...

Many delusional ones essentially believe that they know better, is smarter and should have been Top Management. LOL!

Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise?


Anonymous said...

Agree with you. I have seen in my organization pople who talk very well at meetings been promoted. However they could not perform as well as they could speak and were eventually push aside.

Anonymous said...

who care! histrionic and rhetoric make better impression, problem comes later