Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What is the similarity between Anwar’s dare with Mohd. Ghani’s?

Educated versus Learned?

Malaysia has a high rate of educated people but perhaps not those who are learned. A learned person is able to differentiate between right and wrong, what is wasteful and what is productive, is fair, balanced and are able to be honest on both sides. Educated people only have information and use them to prop up what they see fit.

For example, an educated person may support their leaders even when they are not making things better, but a learned person on the other hand will support even an enemy when the enemy is right.

This is because learned people can make sense of what is good and what is bad. What is pure bullshit and what is really good action.

Pure bullshit is when Mohamed Ghani Abd Jiman challenged Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to a fist-fight, alleging the DAP leader had defamed him – read here. Simply because he perceives that he is stronger at a PHYSICAL FIGHT.

Similarly ...

A learned Malaysian will see not much difference between Ghani’s challenges with the one Anwar is throwing at Najib. To debate him over matters that could be better dealt with pure action, good governance of opposition states, better management of PR and PKR, correct the wrongs of PKR elections etc Read here.

Simply because he thinks he is better at TALKING :)


Anonymous said...

Come to partisan poltics, they surrender their otak.

There r pseudo intellects among the learned ones.Worse , some pretend they r 'smart'

Anonymous said...

spot on!


Anonymous said...

The learned can claim that he is educated but the educated cannot claim he is learned