Monday, January 17, 2011

PAS Youth should ask for the banning of football instead.

PAS Youth wants the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) to uphold its decision to bar Muslims from working in places that sell liquor although there is pressure from DAP leaders to overturn the ruling. – The Star 16 Jan – read more click here

I would like to suggest that they focus on banning something that affects more Muslims. In fact millions of Muslims – football.

Traditional Islam suggests that men must not show skin (aurat) from the navel to the ankle.

As such, all football games are haram from traditional Muslim point of view. It is like Muslim women who are all covered up with tudung but are wearing tight skirts :)

Pas youth should express disapproval to their spiritual leader Tok Guru Nik Aziz for watching the final game between Kelantan and Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia Cup) and later jubilantly celebrated when they won. In fact by their standards the Tok Guru should announce that it was a KEMENANGAN YANG HARAM.

Why it is only women that are coerced, pressured and even forced to cover their aurat? Is it not hypocritical? Why all the billboards that have women showing skin are darkened with black ink? If you want to celebrate football, then let them women wear skirts too :)

Note : I do not agree with the banning of alcohol as it is and the intrusion of personal choice in the name of religion .


Anonymous said...

Some like to argue by extrapolation/extension. If that the case, are they allow to work in conventional banks that charge interest-taking. Also how about hospitals that use alcohol as antiseptic? Can ppl drive a truck carrying alcohol? all these polemics only confused ppl.FYI somebody say this, faith is in the heart, not in the place of work.

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous how out of context these people are making things out. If that is the case, then jobs which involve any form of alcohol has to be considered haram, wouldn't it? Scientists, analytical chemists, medical care, etc. Even school students have to be banned from science/chemistry classes and the syllabus has to be revamped.

I mean, you know, if they put things into this narrow-minded context...

Anonymous said...

frankly speaking, i cannot find the word forbidden (haram) in the Quran concerning alcohol but i found the verse that say '..its a serious vice as well as some benefit to mankind, yet the vice is greater than its usefulness'. Similarly i cant find that hair is 'aurat', wonder how people interpret!!

Anonymous said...

Tutup aurat wajib untuk lelaki dan perempuan islam. Lelaki kena tutup dari pusat ke bawah lutut. Pasukan bola yg tak tutup aurat tu kira ok lah sebab mungkin tok guru ada fatwa dia sendiri yg mengatakan boleh masuk syurga jika menang, syurga PAS.

wadi said...

Sorry, but liquor is absolutely out, football is syirk when you leave your prayers at that time, when you know it is HE you should worship as it is pillar of Islam, rather,you miss your Asar, Maghrib and Isya' (some don't, some still pray)..about covering the aurat, it is to the individual's (players) knowledge, that aurat should be selling liquor, and worst selling to muslims is totally obviously wrong..even in this Islamic country, non-muslims may sell it to the non muslims, but not display it in the 7Es, or hypermarket...
it's my opinion, i didn't get to think much abt it...muslims should be banned from selling liquors.