Sunday, February 6, 2011

Interlok - My tots AFTER reading it :)

I finished reading the book yesterday.

It is a good book and one who has read it will wonder how the hell this controversy became what it is in the first place. Our 17 year olds must think we adults are really screwed :)

Politicians on both sides have managed to hoodwink us further going deeper into partisan positions, as such entrenching their places within their own supporters and sympathisers. In time for the next elections? They must be worried about those who are in the middle. But, the cheap trick seems to be working. We are indeed a nation with wounded hearts, and as such it is so easy to rile us up.

I have strong convictions you will change your stance once you have read the book. It is not only good for 17 year olds, but to all in the country – perhaps to mend the wounded hearts.

The book and the education ministry have an AGENDA – it is written at the back cover of the book, it reads..

“Interlock covers the period from the early 20th century to Malaya’s independence from British rule. The main theme in this novel is the integration of the various majority races of Malaya and how the Malays, Chinese and Indians, represented by three families, have contributed towards this sovereign nation”

The fiction showed that our lives are interlocked with each other. My wish is someone like Yasmin Ahmad is around to make it into a movie:)

Cheers, anas .


Sofea A. Ghani said...

G'afternoon Mr Anas Zubedy,

I'm a Form 5 student and I am at the brick of finishing Interlok. Reading your comment has given me more motivation to finish it! I was pretty upset with the controversy that went on. Hopefully, more people can appreciate the writing and meaning behind the story after reading the book.

Sofea Ghani

Anonymous said...

The word ' pariah' comes from India itself, it was not coined by foreigners to demean ppl, cant change history, why the insecurity!!


salam bro, just wonder which version did you it the edisi murid (2010) or edisi pelajar (2005) or the 2003 edition..overall it is good read at the hand of bad politician reader ..

Ozz said...

Hi Mr Anas,
I am now scratching my head wondering if Masjid Kapitan Keling in Penang needs to change name in the future?

SIR SUN said...

My faith in God is a commitment to justice,love, freedom, compassion, mercy - not for selfish gain. Why now after 40 years?

the Razzler said...

Yes.. Anas..

Things can be portrayed in a better perspective through Kak Min's eyes.. This, I am very very sure!

Have a great day .. :)

the Razzler said...

Yea.. Anas.

Only Kak Min .. things will be portrayed in the best perspective ..

Have a great day .. :)