Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Malaysia Boleh – Take uncompromising position about a book without reading it

Ahmad Muthu Tan (not his real name) is a friend of mine. He is well educated, has a law degree and now running his own business. He has made millions and now lives comfortably in one of the more expensive housing areas in Klang Valley.

We had a rather loud argument last evening. He was very angry with me as I kept on insisting that he should first read the book before condemning it. He was full of opinion, angry ones. He said I was been bought over. He took offence with one or two words in the text, and wants the book to be thrown out wholesale if possible. Definitely we cannot allow Malaysians to read the book, what more our young.

When I suggested that he has taken the words out of context, he suggested that I am an idiot for not seeing the hidden agenda behind it all. I pleaded he just have a look at the other side but he can still keep his point of view afterwards, but he wants nothing of it. It is like anything I say will just add to his anger – even if it was logical.

I decided not to continue as I could see clearly; smart he may be, but he is making his point from a wounded heart. It is not the book that he has issues with. He is not even angry with me.

He has issues with himself. Even with all his wealth and trappings, deep inside he is not a happy person – for reasons he himself cannot fathom. I used to tell him it is greed, but now I stopped as he exploded each time.

He has A REAL BIG issue with those people BEHIND the book, those using it with an ‘evil’ agenda. He is not even angry with the scribes; after all they are just paid servants. It’s just the entire organisation call PAKATAN RAKYAT. And he, being a full blooded BN person is not willing to consider the other side. Not an iota. The world is black and white. I am right, you are wrong. If you are not with me, you are against me.

I decided to let go and excuse myself. I left him a copy of the booklet – PAKATAN’s 100 Day Promise.

I turned back as I left the coffee shop, he was about to toss the book, but he stopped. He looked at the cover, put it down on the table, took a sip of black coffee and picked the booklet again, and started reading ...

I smiled, there is hope. There is always hope:)

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Anonymous said...

Ha, his issue is hidden agenda, not the literature content.Many times,logics thrown out of window when anger take over(assumed yr fren is an indian).ASk him why caste system still carried on despite Indira gandi's ban, is he angry it is still on, isn't caste system despicable??.