Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zakat collection is 4 ALL who R poor - Non-Muslims included

Muslim zakat collectors like JAIS is also responsible and must answer to God if anyone in Selangor, which is under their care, lives in poverty - like these families.

from Malaysian Insider -
KUALA SELANGOR, Feb 23 — Letchmy Ponasamy has not heard of a political tsunami. Neither has her friend Selvimari. The change that it was supposed to bring did not reach their village of Sungai Yu, Kuala Selangor.

Letchmy and Selvimari do not have identity cards. Nor do Lecthmy’s four children and Selvi’s middle child. The women cannot get jobs and their IC-less children have never attended school. To read further click here.

How come zakat (alms) in Malaysia is only for the Muslims when the Quran says...

"The alms are only for the poor and the needy, and those who collect them, and those whose hearts are to be reconciled, and to free the captives and the debtors, and for the cause of Allah, and (for) the wayfarers; a duty imposed by Allah. Allah is knower, Wise. - Quran 9:60


Anonymous said...

charity is color-blind

Anonymous said...

Charity is from ones heart to another, and religion is ones believe in way of life... Really good article!!!

TruthSeeker said...

Good one, id rather pay income tax than zakat, the fact that some malaysians pay zakat to evade tax is very disturbing since zakat (as practiced in malaysia by traditional muslims) only helps muslims and this is a discrimination.

The govt should really start reading and implementing what is written in the Al Quran instead of relying on man made laws hiding behind religious shadows


zakat hanya utk asnaf zakat yg 8.
org kafir tidak termasuk.
adakah org kafir disuruh bayar zakat?
ada cara lain untuk bantu org kafir yg miskin. bukan duit zakat.
kerajaan pun tidak ambil walau sesen duit zakat. ia hanya utk asnaf yg 8. Allah yg kata 8.
mengapa tidak mahu bayar zakat? ia wajib ke atas setiap muslim. ibadah.