Saturday, May 4, 2013

GE13: #SaySomethingNice to unite people after polls by Yvonne Lim - The STAR

PETALING JAYA: A campaign called #SaySomethingNice will start on Monday, the day after polling, to “heal” Malaysia following partisanship that had divided the people in the past five years.

“Our country has been split into partisan blocs where we throw hurtful words at each other.

“We need to be reminded that while we oppose each other, we are not enemies. Everyone is fighting to make the country matter, but in different approaches,” said Zubedy (M) Sdn Bhd managing direc-tor Anas Zubedy, who initiated the campaign on his blog

He urged Malaysians to be more encouraging towards one another and restore peace and unity in the country.

“To heal our country, let us work hand in hand, heart in heart. Together we can put back love, respect and dignity in this country.”

On the ways which Malaysians could take part in the campaign, Anas said they could spread the message through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media platforms.

Radio announcers could tell their listeners about it, he said, adding that students were encouraged to say “thank you” to their teachers.

“If you are someone good with videos, make a short video or movie. If you are from a government agency, exchange cards with other departments or agencies where you praise each other's hard work.”

Anas said he was targeting participation from about one million Malaysians such as political and community leaders, bloggers, social entrepreneurs, local and multinational companies, and others.

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Anonymous said...

As long as we have Perkasa and Hindraf Endorsed by UMNO, there will never be Peace in Malaysia.

And Verbal Diaherriant Chandra Spouting Divisive Rhetorics supporting them will add to these miscreants.

Unknown said...

as long we continue to blame others, there'll never be peace in Malaysia

we need to take a step back, and realize there's no one truly GOOD side, or truly BAD side. No one should be made a convenient scapegoat.

we all need to look in the mirror and reflect.