Friday, May 10, 2013

Let's Recolor May 13 by Healing Malaysia through...

Dear Malaysians,

We are calling you to join us in Healing Malaysia.

Since 2008, for 5 years our country has been split into extreme partisan blocs where we throw hurtful words at each other. This has wounded many hearts and the vibrancy of our peaceful society, thus we need to heal ourselves.

Let us focus our energy on putting back love, respect, and dignity in this country. To achieve this, we need your help. To heal our country, we need to work hand in hand, heart in heart.

We have to change from within. We have to admit our mistakes. Many of us have erred and we must admit it. We first must forgive ourselves and then we must also forgive others. This is the time to reflect and instead of looking at what others should do, look at what we can do without expecting others to change at all. We take the first step regardless.

Everyone starts with themselves.

What is Healing Malaysia?

The Healing campaign starts now with the groundwork until we reach Hari Merdeka. We must stop resending, sharing, reposting any hate mails, any racist remarks.

We must be strong and find the strength to ignore them. We may think we are helping by posting and sharing but in actual fact we become the very agent for those people who are spreading hate and hurtful words. By ignoring them, we have already won.

It takes some time for people to embrace the outcome of the 13th General Election, let us give ourselves room for this. This campaign period is approaching us and we need time to plan the impact we intend to achieve when the time arrives.

With #SaySomethingNice campaign, we spend 17 days from Hari Merdeka to Hari Malaysia encouraging truce and showcasing the best about our nation. During this short period, we portray Malaysia in a very positive light; we appreciate Malaysia. This is the third year we are running this campaign.

For 17 days, we put aside our partisanship, we put aside our locality, we put aside our race; rich or poor it does not matter, we just be Malaysians. And we say positive things about Malaysia.

What can you do? Examples:
  •  If you are a social entrepreneur, invite your audience to join the campaign.
  •  If you are the Minister of Culture, feature a different Malaysian culture each day for 17 days.
  •  If you are a sports writer, write about one great Malaysian sportsman daily for 17 days.
  •  If you are a student, spend the 17 days telling your teachers how much they have impacted you daily.
  •  If you are a radio announcer, have your audience talk about 17 wonderful things about Malaysia daily.
  •  If you are a photographer, capture 17 moving pictures that represent the country and post one daily for 17 days.
  •  If you are someone good with videos, make 17 short videos or movies about Malaysia and upload one every day for 17 days.
  •  If you are from BN, say something nice about PR and vice versa.
  • If you are from a government agency or a business organisation, find ways to praise those from other departments.
If you are from a non-government entity, put up a message board in your office and during the campaign period, have everybody write something nice about others on that board. 

This is our bid to Heal Malaysia.

It goes out to all. We hope our voice is heard by millions of Malaysians who are bloggers and vloggers, social media enthusiasts, schools and colleges, governmental and non-governmental organizations, local and multi-national companies, Malaysians abroad, social entrepreneurs, political and community leaders, and radio and television personas. This is a Malaysian project. This is our project.

On our part, we seek to:
  • Act as the campaign coordinator.
  •  Put up posters online; our blog, Facebook page, and Twitter.
  •  Work with third parties to put up huge posters of #SaySomethingNice campaign on buildings.
  •  Get school and college students to join in and participate using their own creativity.
  •  Bloggers, vloggers, local celebrities, Malaysians abroad, and social media enthusiasts to participate and spread the message through social media and their writing.
  •  Non-governmental organizations to promote the message.
  •  Radio and television announcers to announce the message and encourage listeners to join in.
  •  Companies and organisations to put up a #SaySomethingNice board in their offices for their employees to write nice short notes about each other.
  •  Social entrepreneurs to give talks about this campaign.
The future, OUR HOPE.

We want to make this an annual event. We hope one day this campaign will be celebrated by all Malaysians in the same manner the Japanese celebrates Sakura Festival, how India celebrates Holi Day, or how Rio De Janeiro celeb-
rates Mardi Gras (minus the booze of course). This in the long run will help feature Malaysia and bring people from all over the world to come and see our Unity.

At zubedy, we have a team of enthusiastic young people who are willing to work but we need your help to make this project a success. Our team is small but we have big spirit and big hearts. Our spirit and hearts want to connect to your spirit and hearts. We need your support and participation. We are calling for your help and we hope you can join us for this campaign.

We can do this. We can make this country better. We can Heal Malaysia.

To know more about this campaign and to show your support, visit us at

Anas Zubedy
Kuala Lumpur

This full page advert will be featured on Monday in The STAR


Anonymous said...

how can i forgive these chinese ? i am a malaysian indian .have you observe the way these people(i trying very very hard not to use certain words)treated other indians during voting? been 1 weeks now and the amount of video shows the chinese behaving like street thugs.

IT BOILS MY BLOOD !!!!! healing you say! i don't think so ! i hate hate hate these people

Anonymous said...

Cut all these crap la Zubedy.What do you hope to achieve befriending these Chinese bastards.They all can go to hell as far as I am concerned. I have decided to cut off all ties with these tribe including friends and colleagues. I can live without them. I am now a staunch Ibrahim Ali fan.

Dave Avran said...

Fully support this awesome initiative, bro Anas. It is indeed time to heal Malaysia. Will link your post to my blogs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous.

I being a Chinese representing the Chinese all around Malaysia, apologized what had happened during 505.I know this is difficult for you to come to pass. But, do take your time to heal your heart. I asked for forgiveness that how sometimes we let emotions rule us, rather being rational.

For a better Malaysia for the next generation, would u accept this apology, even though it's not from the person whom had hurt the Indians? We all have flaws. Sometimes we forget that we are Malaysians first. Can you find in your heart to have that space again for our fellow malaysians.

Anonymous said...

All very nice but all these feel good, mushy sentiments are not going to work unless we brave enough to take a hard good look at the fundamental issues and above all be courageous enough to take those painful measures to eliminate these issues. Otherwise its just sweeping them under a very beautiful rug, which one day will overflow outside the rug with all the stench that goes with it. From where I stand I do not see any sincerity in trying to really find a united nation. Beautiful words are being floated in so far as it benefits the ones floating it. Dream on and good luck to our children. I see more pain before any peace, if at all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous Malaysian Indian,

Like you, I am upset with the way Malaysians treated fellow Malaysians and foreigners, in their passion to protect the country during GE13. I feel angry for those who were wrongly accused, felt threatened & unsafe. On behalf of Malaysian Chinese who did this to fellow Malaysian Indians, I humbly apologise. I know that just an apology may seem too simple at this point. I hope that one day, you can forgive our rudeness and insensitivity. Teach us, by your generous spirit, how we can truly be Malaysians.

KC, A Malaysian Chinese

Anonymous said...

it is so obvious the one who previously messaged up here (May 11,2013) is neither an indian nor chinese
the person just hiding his real identity to make things go more complicated
if his/her blood boils for this reason - it is for sure,boiling for waste
and why should the chinese get forgiven by this person? is that person is any such of a superior or pure from all bad deeds?
it clearly shows how judgmental this person is
how indians were treated badly in the election? come on,provide the proof
then this person should feel bad for the Bangladeshis as well - they were also 'treated badly' on the very same day
by the way,i guess this person has not seen much on the internet-basically on the real stuff
stop being a fickle minded being - wake up
i do not bother -if you are an indian, chinese, malay, etc; i see you as a human first
and i hope you will see the same way too
all the best to you;
* save your boiling blood; you can donate the blood & rejuvenate yourself
* come out from the tempurung, dear katak ; get the REAL NEWS & be open
* have some positivity ; it is miraculous - perhaps you are an infant in this issue & the time will come for
you to learn it ( I really Hope)
* stop hating & start 'living' your life , do not be judgmental - no one is superior or inferior to anyone
* watch what you speak! and don' over-generalise things / people

last but not least ; you are HUMAN first ,respect & appreciate good thoughts and efforts by others (if you
happen to disagree,please have the courtesy of expressing your dissatisfaction in a good
manner and NEVER to bring in any racial issue - that shows how professional you are)

anyway i still have a doubt are an indian are you?...

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 12:00

Please go ahead and become an Ibrahim Ali fanboy. There is no law with associating with a loser.