Thursday, May 30, 2013

TWZ - An Invitation to Managing Gen Y Workshop Launch

Since the year 2000, zubedy has been paying special interest in youth and Gen Y; engaging them both formally at work and informal settings. This would also include undertaking surveys like the Multigenerational Workforce survey done in 2012.

We are happy to launch ‘Managing Gen Y: Working with and through them’, a workshop designed to help management get the best of Generation Y; and its mirror program ‘Gen Y 2.0 – How to get the best from Generation BB+X’. It is not enough to talk to those who are managing Gen Y, we must also engage Gen Y directly. Both sides must play their role and adjust to the other, bearing in mind that corporate goal is the main focus. An old Malay saying would explain the need aptly, ‘Bertepuk sebelah tangan tak akan berbunyi’.

To supplement the workshops, we are also launching a book specially dedicated to Gen Y – ‘#MoneyTalk: 139 easy guides on how to make and keep money without cheating or corruption’. This book is designed to be a fun to read as it not only offers bite-sized tips and reminders about money; but it also touches on how money affects and relates to men, women, family, love, relationships, entrepreneurial habits, good corporate culture, and God.

*Please note that seats are limited. Kindly RSVP by the stipulated date.

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Good on You Anas!!!

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