Monday, June 23, 2014

Join us to #Collectsomethingnice

Zubedy aims to assist Kechara Soup Kitchen by collecting goods and pre-used items for the benefit of the homeless and urban poor.

  •         Kechara Soup Kitchen is a non-profit organisation and requires as much help as               they can get. This project is a lending hand for their good work.
  •         The project can help ease the burden of the homeless and urban poor.
  •         It encourages members of the public to positively contribute and do something nice           for the society.

  •       Start off by putting aside the things you wish to give away/ donate.

           -  Second-hand clothings – only nice and usable ones, please.
           -  Hygiene products – soap, shampoo, toothbrush and paste, etc.
           -  Towels, blankets, etc.
           -  First aid – plasters, ointments, etc.
           -  Canned food – baked beans, etc. (meat not allowed)

  • Once you have everything sorted and ready to give away, please contact Ms. Dayana ( or Ms. Adrina ( at 03 - 7733 6919 or via their respective email addresses
  • They will record your collection and advice on how to proceed from there including the drop-off mechanism.

  • Collection can start from now till 22nd August 2014.
  • Distribution will be done during the campaign’s 17-day period, from Hari Merdeka to Hari Malaysia.

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