Monday, June 30, 2014

Join us to #SelfieSomethingNice

#SelfieSomethingNice project is a part of #SaySomethingNice Campaign.
The goal is to collect as many selfies as possible to form a Malaysian Unity map.

We want to create opportunities for Malaysians to showcase Unity and provide a platform for them to work towards a common goal. Imagine Malaysians of diverse backgrounds, expatriates and foreign workers who have helped shape Malaysia taking part in an initiative to bring everyone together through #SelfieSomethingNice.

From 30 June 2014 onwards, take a selfie and upload to the following channels:
  1. Facebook – Upload to SaySomethingNiceCampaign page.
  2. Instagram – Upload to your IG and hashtag #SelfieSomethingNice
  3. WhatsApp – Selfie and WhatsApp to this number: 019 253 1899
  4. Email to
  5. Twitter – Hashtag #selfiesomethingnice'
Please be mindful, do not upload negative or pornographic materials.

Let us together do our part in promoting unity in Malaysia.

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