Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursdays With Zubedy - #WahaiMelayu Allah Tak Akan Ubah Nasib Melayu, Kalau Kita Melayu Tak Nak Ubah Diri Kita Sendiri

" Ungkapan 'Allah Tak Akan Ubah Nasib Melayu, Kalau Kita Melayu Tak Nak Ubah Diri Kita Sendiri' seperti yang dipilih oleh Anas Zubedy untuk buku ini bertepatan dengan perjuangan bangsa dalam memastikan kelangsungan kewujudan mereka dalam persaingan moden era globalisasi. "

- Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

As aptly captured by Tun Dr Mahathir in his foreword for #WahaiMelayu, this book by Anas Zubedy aims to help and positively motivate the Malays, especially budding entrepreneurs, in moving away from their 'takuk lama' (rut) and challenging them to be competitive and independent. This is to break self-limiting artificial boundaries like the concept of a lazy race or that Malays are only good in politics or arts and not business, and many other sociocultural myths.

The book encourages the right motivation and inspiration for a specific culture like the Malays. This is the same in dealing with people anywhere around the world - we just need to find the right way to communicate and engage with them. To trigger the best of them, so they can come forward to be productive and effective.

#WahaiMelayu is now available at major bookstores at the price of RM24.90. Please contact 'Aizat Roslan at 03-77336919 / 019-3570699 or via email at, should you wish to place a direct order from zubedy. 

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