Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear Anons ... Can we have a deal...

I want to post all Anonymous comments even if you disagree with me as long as ….

As a marketing man I have been trained to appreciate positive and negative feedback, comments and suggestions from anonymous individuals exceedingly. Feedback in the positives or negatives is good mirrors that I can use to reflect. I usually suspend my judgment and consider your perception .

I respect your need to remain anonymous. I see that you must have a good reason.

Whether your intention is good or bad is beyond my capacity to decide. I don’t play God (May I suggest you do the same). Even if your intentions are bad, you may have good grounds – at least in your own eyes. In truth, the fact that you took the trouble to feedback shows that you have passion to make the world a better place and add value. You took the trouble because you cared about what I think, what I do and I thank you.

I take the stand that there are not many BAD people in the world, but many may simply be unaware. Sometimes humans are bad not because they are terrible but because they do not know. It’s hard to be angry with people who make uninformed decisions because they lack information and understanding.

For example, I see those cow-head protesters some time ago as belonging to this group. While our anger drives us to take them to court, a more spiritual and God-Conscious approach is to help them see the light and be remorseful. We need to trigger their hearts and show how wrongful and hurtful they were to the offended party, apologize, repent and get them to take action that will help them really change. Perhaps getting them to care, clean and feed cows for 6 months will be wise.

You see, I am a pure liberal. I will accept you even if you pray to Satan! I may not agree with your behavior and your stand; may talk you into changing your mind, but I can accept you as a person. My conviction is that since everything is God- Made and since God is All-Good, nothing can be all bad, including Satan.

I will only agree or disagree with your ‘choices’ because that is the only difference between us humans and the rest of God’s creation. We are given the capacity to have a ‘WILL’ and ‘MAKE CHOICES’. So, when we ‘MAKE CHOICES’ we are using God’s best gift to us. How could I fault you at that?

The rest of creation is on automatic setting and behave as they do by default – Satan included. This is my world-view shaped by The Quran (check Quran chapter 2:30 and other conceptual framework about Adam). If you have a differing world-view, we can agree to disagree :).

I want to post all Anonymous comments even if you disagree with me. Can we have a general contract about Anonymous comments?

Here are my suggestions:


  1. No profanity please! It’s unfortunate, some of you gave some real fantastic comments but I cannot post them because of bad language. It was not your disagreement with me that stops me from allowing them to appear, it was the vulgarity.

  2. Nothing seditious.

  1. Don’t play God - or pretend we can read people’s mind and hearts. Practice the act of ‘doubting yourself’. Only the strong can and are willing to do that.
  2. Don’t make sweeping statements like ‘All Malays are lazy” or “All Chinese are rich,” or “All Indians cannot be trusted”, etc.
  3. Know the difference between a fact and an opinion – Facts must have adequate empirical information to back it up; your opinion is an emotional stand.

    Thanks and peace.

    Anas Zubedy


atreyu strange said...

Good one Sir. Most of the time, I would just laugh at these anons because most of the time they are less appreciative of our view, and thus, misusing the space that we give them.

ju2u said...

I read your views and am touched by your moderate stand, indeed you have said it all. If only it could be read and accepted by all Muslims and Christians in this country, we shall have peace. ju2u at

Anonymous said...

Good Day to you,,,

I have been always intrigued to join in this path you have taken to drive in the importance of unity in our beloved country. In fact I pray that all Malaysians are like you. Unfortunately, my prayers have yet to be answered!

I live in Kajang and I heard this 'story' that occured in a secondary school, i.e. SMK Jalan Reko this January (2010).

An Indian student who excels in his studies and co-curricular activities was appointed as the head prefect during a school assembly...mind you in front of a strong crowd of fellow students. The next moment a group of teachers of a different race voiced their dissatisfactions of the school prefect's board appointing an Indian when the majority is of another race. Guess what happens next?

Yup..I am sure you got it right! The poor boy was assistant head and another appointed as head!

Is this what we call unity? or is it majority rules....You decide sir.

I am sure you have the capabilities to check out this 'story'. Please do if you are interested in prevailing unity. We have to start even at the school level..right?

Anonymous said...

Bro Anas,
Let me start by saying you are doing a great job where no other Malaysian can stand on par with you. I try and make it a point to read your articles as often as i can and i really love your work. But may i say one thing.. please do not go into politics. We loving Malaysians will support you in any way possible if you keep doing what you are doing now. It's not that you don't have what it takes to be a politician, but it's just that we all know there is no one clean politician and those words that politicians speak can never be trusted. We just dont want you to dirty your hands.

I am 48 years old and an Indian. I have seen every thing that needs to be seen in this country and some times feel that it will be better if i just could change the color of my skin just like i change my cloths. The past ten or so years was so bad that i almost made plans to migrate but i always believed that people like you will change this country for the better.

To tell you the truth i am sending my kids away at the first opportunity that i get. WHY? We INDIANS have no place here in Malaysia...

Our beloved PM is trying his best to change the people but the problem is the people behind him are not changing and are not allowing the people to change.

We do not have a proper eduaction system in place, no security for the people and the worst is can't trust them,the goverment is bias to one race,the chinese and the indians are not given equal opportunity,politicians harp on racial issues to instigate others and many more.

How long more do you think we can take it... And how long more do you think the Malaysia which i grew up in can be the same Malaysia again.
Those days we never heard of any race issues. I had Malay and Chinese friends where we go to each others house for food,sleep in and did havoc. There was no racial issues to discuss and everbody was the same..we loved our neighbours and help each other.. and so on....
But today, i am afraid to walk the streets when there are more of one race,my kids do not spend their time out side or at friends house though he has more Malay and Chinese friends then Indians.
We don't know our neighbours and seldom talk. Why?????? I think you know and i don't have to explain.

Please keep up the good work and i am looking forward to your next article. You will always have my blessings and may god be with you.
Take care and please be careful.


KajensPost said...

Bro Anas,
Good day to you. I would like to keep my self updated about your articles and comments by including your Blog in mine. I am just a beginner but i have read some of your articles and i fully support your course. I am not a great writer but just starting to blog.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anas,

I read to adver in todays Star. I couldn't help to think " where on earth this man came from" Is he real, but it was a precious moment to know at least there is one Malay out there who is more "humane". U said it all well, no matter which etinic that one comes from ultimately all should be united with "LOVE & CARING" for each other. 1Malaysia. Happy Malaysia Day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anas,

I think you have the right mind and thinking, even better is that you have the right forums to deliver them as well. As Mother Theresa said "we should do small things with great love"

Anonymous said...

Hi Bro Anas,

Everybody is praising u and obviously the choice of man u choose to become. True enough its hard to get this kind of thinking when u are surrounded with more negative vibes. It will be wonderful to have more and more Malaysian to start picking up the 'choice' like u do. May be u can tell us the 'recipe' that u used so that we can start our 'cooking' and improving our 'dishes'. Hopefully one day Malaysia will become a better place for every one to enjoy this life.

MMSH said...

From a Malaysian in SOUL n Blood to all Malaysian in SOUL n Blood. I'm so selfish now to feel and enjoy all the comments and views that has been posted. I'm new to commenting at blogs but I give you all MY WORD ,that I will provide in whatever means to make MALAYSIA a wonderful home for everyone. I can't change others but I can start by changing myself. Malaysia has always been a wonderful country. I'm 40 now and though I've waived in my feelings for this country (due to my fear for my son's future ) but I know that I will die a MALAYSIAN. I'm a 2nd generation Malaysian of Indian forefather( for introduction sake). I've only gone to India once but everyday, my feet caress MALAYSIAN soil. I LOVE MALAYSIA and I know every Malaysian out there do so too. I will be tactful in my comments as love to all MALAYSIAN. Love to all and GOD BLESS.

MMSH said...

From a Malaysian to all Malaysians.
Good day to all and God Bless.

Strange when someone signs of at the start isn't it??
Allow me to clarify....Continuing form my previous's always easy for me to comment and say that others must change but change has to start from oneself FIRST. So instead of stating my feelings on matters 1st , I chose to wish my greetings to all MALAYSIANS who read this.

Now the subject of my thougths: Religious, lately this has been on many peoples mind huh???!!!!. The many Ramandan Bazaars, the call to reduce volumn, parking along religious areas, the list does continue right.....

I am with a jmb of an apartment complex and due to the Holy Month of Ramadan, they was a approval denial request from someone outside ( due to different political background ) the complex. The venue to the bazaar will be the current already narrowed road leading to our complex.
So what did we (JMB) do ? We decided to allow the bazaar.
1.It is a Religious obligation of our Muslim friends that we need to SUPPORT. Have not my non Hindu friends SUPPORTED many situations during HINDU celebrations????

2.Though traffic will be challenging, aren't we challenged with traffic EVERYDAY in Klang Valley???

3.The variety of FnB sold offers a a convenient venue for many of our complex recidents.

The solution was a MALAYSIAN way.

So, lets enjoy the many FnB offered, lets fill our EYES and HEARTS with more spiritual or religious music ( i've always enjoyed listening to the Quaran recitals ) and love and smile at ALL MALAYSIANS.