Friday, October 30, 2009

Sikit Komen on Politik Malaysia

  1. I want what is best for the country.
  2. It may sound oxymoronic, I am an extreme centrist.
  3. I like to see a strong 2 +1 party system in the country. A strong BN, a strong PR and a third block that is totally independent of the two. The third block consists of MPs who votes independently in parliament base not on party lines, but on conscience. They can swing either way.
  4. I am happy that UMNO and now MCA (on the way) is more united and is on the mend, and not happy that MIC has yet to rejuvenate itself while GERAKAN seems seen better days.
  5. I like to see a DAP-PKR merger and a stronger pact within the opposition. Unfortunately I don’t see the two parties trusting each other enough to even take tiny steps there.
  6. I am for Tok Guru’s act to call for an EGM to once and for all push PAS to commit deeper into a PR coalition, but unfortunately it has been blocked.
  7. But, I will be glad if some oldies were to make way for the new – like Samy Velu, Tok Guru and Kit Siang. Kit Siang is no more a ‘Kid’ and ‘Siang’ may become ‘Malam’ if he continues. He has contributed a lot the Malaysia’s opposition, now he should be an elder statesman. Samy should trust his brother Indians better and let go. Tok Guru be a mentor.
  8. I prefer not an UMNO-PAS unity. I prefer an UMNO that is open to all races. Or better still …
  9. I like to see a BN and PR direct membership in the near future.
  10. I am not happy that Zaid is no longer working for a single PR platform. I don’t see Anwar as able to forge this and was hoping Zaid could.
  11. I wish that since March 2008 the leaders of PR component parties focused their energy here instead of trying to take over the Government.
  12. I think they have lost their chance and things will go downhill pretty fast in the near future.
  13. I have been suggesting in my talks and chats that in 3 years Najib will checkmate Anwar and the swing of votes will favor BN in a big way – they will get back the 2/3 majority. Simply because Najib is by far smarter, better skilled at group-to-group leadership and definitely a marketing genius in creating the 1Malaysia brand image (I have clients launching their 2010 company battle-cry using the 1(name of company) logo!!!)
  14. Penang will be back in BN’s hands too.
  15. RPK will be pro BN or at least abandoned PR.
  16. Many other pro PR blogs will also abandon ship or at least be neutral.
  17. Malaysia would have lost our one chance to have a more balance political front on both sides of the fence but ...
  18. We will learn from this experience too.


Lisa said...

Wishful thinkings do come true :)

I think people no longer dwell on politics..they have moved on to other things in life.

Anonymous said...

I was once one side for very long, then I became the other side because of one man, now I am being neutral until I see a better side.

Well written Bro.

azam said...

My wishfull thinking...

I wish to see coalition of races irrespective of religious,parties and belief...and stop harping into one another's rights.

A place I would call a home country where my kids have safe and happy life.

We always preached..
Rumahku SyurgaKU... kan we said together..

NegaraKU SyurgaKU

Unknown said...

BN will always be BN,PR is loosing............

Anonymous said...

There is no way Penang will be back to BN in the next GE :-)


cherasusie said...

bn is corrupt to the core.... they are like drug addicts...addicted to power, money, women.

do you trust drug addicts to take care of your everyday well being?

if you still harbour hope from them...God or if you prefer Allah...Bless you.

Lover said...

No way Penang will back to BN. BN can only checkmate the opposition misusing their power in every manner.

Why not BN be man enough to face the people of Perak? Even MCA went through EGM, why not Perak for another election??

hak55 said...

Let's compare yours with mine and see where are the similarities and/or the differences.

Best regards.