Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today, we all can celebrate BN, PR and Non-Partisan Malaysians

Thank you for your support and kind words. I have received many Smses, emails and facebook support since this morning – with reference to The Star coverage.

Honestly, I have strong convictions that our effort to promote Hari Malaysia and Unity have played some role in creating better awareness of the special date to a segment of the Malaysian rakyat especially readers of The Star.

However, the political developments the last couple of years played a big role in creating an urgency to make the date prominent; namely the growing importance of our brother and sister Sabahans and Sarawakians in terms of voter support, PR’s 916 campaign last year, the launch of 1Malaysia by PM Najib and the deep sense of wanting to unite and be One amongst ordinary Malaysians like you and I.

I am glad that this move forward towards Unity via making Hari Malaysia a prominent day, equal to Hari Merdeka is the effort of many and no one party can claim monopoly. We all did it, we all can be proud. BN, PR and non-partisan Malaysians too – this day belong to all of us regardless of race, religion, location or background.

Today we are One. Thank You.

Peace, anas zubedy


Anonymous said...

peace bro

sorry for my rude comment

Emily said...

Ah... This is so sweet...

Hoong Ling said...

yes, it brings awareness n I shared n celebrated a meaningful Hari Malaysia at XeerSoft n with u this year.. it was eye opener to Xeers and many celebrated d announcement understanding d meaning of it - not juz coz it's a holiday. thanks, bro