Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Interesting feedback

Here is an interesting feedback emailed to me regarding the Deepavali advert. We do get various feedback and i usually write back without posting it. But this one, perhaps I should share ...

His Email -

The article under the title " Have a meaningful Deepavali" advertised by Zubedy will in no way add value. It is because the whole article is written by a person with half-baked ideas. He does not seem to have full knowledge of what he is writing. It will not create empathy unless one who reads it is apathetic.

In fact, the whole article is a farce, written under the pretext of peace-loving citizen. It back-fires and creates backlash. I do not see any relevance in printing the picture of Periyar E.V. Ramasamy. He is a well-known reformer, well-known critic of Hindu religion, idol worship, and an atheist. He was not in the habit of celebrating Deepavali.

The writer does not seem to know about Hinduism either. Perhaps a certain sect in Hinduism does not prefer to eat beef. But Hinduism does not prohibit eating beef. In Vedas, there are "slogans" asking Hindus to serve beef and intoxicating drinks.

The writer shows true colours when he says "we blast" 'ceramahs' after midnight prayers on loud speakers". Perhaps, one in a thousand mosques, it might happen and that too in areas where only malays reside. Know your facts before you fire. This spoils the purpose of the whole article.

My reply

Salam bro,

On the contrary, I know of all the facts you commented below especially abt Periyar. It is just the Hindus are generally more liberal people who can accept him as part of them – because while he is against religion, he practice it better than those who profess to. In fact I have so many Hindus who called, emailed, sms, facebook, etc thanking me for featuring him.

And no, the ceramah’s are everywhere, just go check the police reports ( but no action lah). In Selangor/KL alone I know of more than 20 mesjids and suraus jolly doing it. And for Muslims sake too, they should not coz Muslim students should concentrate on doing their homework and READ ( the first word of Quranic revelation.)

In the first place there is no such thing as Hinduism. It is a new name evolved after the British occupation and more so since the 19th century. The term is a foreign concept – basically came from the word Hindi, a Persian name for India in the 12 th century. Perhaps the correct way to call the religion is Sanatana Dharma. It is a mosaic of hundreds if not thousands of ‘way of lives’ – and ‘Hinduism’ absorbs all of them – it’s a very sponge like religion.

Vegetarianism for example was a Jain influence. You see, Sanatana Dharma it is an evolving religion that started perhaps more than 5000 years ago. Many ‘silly’ souls ( usually in the form of Muslim and Christian chauvinists) will find a quote from some Hindu text that was written before the Jain influenced to suggest that Hinduism does not prescribe the act to shun meat eating. Poor souls…

Since it is a liberal religion, if a Hindu man chose to eat beef, by all means he can go ahead. As far for the Hindu is concern, he will just delay reaching moksha. No priest or ulama is going to cane him or fined him.

There are some Muslim sect and even Ulama who still think that the world is flat, it would be wrong to suggest that the rest think the same way. There will be some Hindu minority sects ( from the thousands) who suggest that beef is good to eat, I don’t think that it is smart and fair for you to suggest that its ok for all Hindus to do the same.

But, we can agree to disagree.

Thanks for the feedback. Salam, anas


Anonymous said...

which muslim sect or ulama still believe the world is flat?

PahNur said...

Dear anonymous,

which muslim sect or ulama ? Probably the same bunch who :

1. think sperms fly from male to female to cause immaculate conception, hence the insistence of males and females Q-ing in separate lines (wonder where the hunzars have to line up though...

2. thinks perfume is haram because it contain alcohol (although not ethanol group), yet tapai is halal (never mind if tapai contains ethanol, the only group of alcohol out of the rest of the 12 members of alcohol that has intoxicating properties)

3. thinks that polygamy is encouraged by god in order to settle the present problems of excessive females population> (obviously they have not read, or refuse to acknowledge An Nisaa: 3 and 129, especially 129)

4. who thinks in order for a man to make a mukhrim out of his female colleague, she has to breastfeed him.

5. who thinks apostasy is a right thing using 2:54 which asks to "....slay yourself...", as weapon to win the verbal battle, not knowing that the actual translation is;

2:54 "Moses said to his people, "O my people, you have wronged yourselves by taking the calf, so repent to your Maker, and face yourselves. That is better for you with your Maker, so He would forgive you. He is the Forgiving, the Compassionate."

6. who thinks the words of mere humans are more important and can override the words of God.
[Yusufali 6:112] Likewise did We make for every Messenger an enemy,- evil ones among men and jinns, inspiring each other with flowery discourses by way of deception. If thy Lord had so planned, they would not have done it: so leave them and their inventions alone.

[Yusufali 6:113] To such (deceit) let the hearts of those incline, who have no faith in the hereafter: let them delight in it, and let them earn from it what they may.

[Yusufali 6:114] Say: "Shall I seek for judge other than Allah? - when He it is Who hath sent unto you the Book, explained in detail." They know full well, to whom We have given the Book, that it hath been sent down from thy Lord in truth. Never be then of those who doubt.

I can go on and on and on, but let me just cut this short by saying, actually, they DO NOT THINK, but I presumed deep down, you already know that... :)

88:17 Will they not look at the camels/clouds,
how are they created?
88:18 To the sky, how is it raised?
88:19 To the mountains, how was it set?
88:20 To the land, how was it flattened?
88:21 So remind, for you are but a reminder.
88:22 You have no power over them.
88:23 Except for he who turns away and
88:24 Then God will punish him with the great
88:25 Indeed, to Us is their return.
88:26 Then to Us is their judgment.

Lingswaran Singh said...

1. For gracious sake people, the post is about Hinduism and Deepavalli. Why turn it into discussing Islam?

2. Anas, i had impression that Jainism came about way later after Hinduism and Buddhism. Please do enlighten me how vegetarianism in Hinduism is an influence from Jain.

PahNur said...

Dear Mr Singh, sorry,but I was trying to help out Mr Anon there, with his bewilderment. We Muslims are quite self absorbed people..amongst us, we are having religious identity crisis...we cannot seem to identify what is the actual Islamic teachings anymore...hence some Moooooslims may carry around cows head in protest of the erection of anything other than the overpopulated masjids (Populated in reference to the masjid, not the people praying in them).....but don't want to bother you with the detail....except that if we liberal muslims don't address it,our Hindu and Buddha brothers may have problems handling the fundaMENTAL ones in the future.

I did not mean to take away the lime light away from our brothers,the hindus and the buddhas but I was just trying to enlighten Mr Anonymous there... for that, i hard feelings :)?