Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A call to action for Young Malaysians

Dear Brother and Sister Malaysians,

Unless The Star fails to carry it, you will find this full page ad on Friday, the 16th December in the news daily.

I would like to be a part of the effort to make Malaysian politics better and I need your help. Please do whatever you can to the best of your abilities to make this message read by as many people as possible, especially the young.

We must be one of those who take action, not just those who complain. The future is for us to change. We have a role to play in making this country great.

I thank you for your enrolment in this cause.

Let us add value and make things happen,

anas zubedy

Dear Young Malaysian

Rise up!

You are needed as The Third Force!

Your country needs you to rise to the occasion. Malaysia needs you to rise above partisan politics. We need you to report directly to the Constitution, to Reason, and to your Conscience.

Let me explain.

Essentially, we no longer have an opposition. A country without an opposition is a country without a mechanism for check and balance. Today, our political actors are divided into two parties, fighting for seats of power. We are moving into a two-party system. While it provides us new opportunities, it also poses new problems.

In a two-party system, too often each side becomes preoccupied attacking the other - trying to make their side look better, and the other look bad. We cannot blame them as it is their modus operandi to get the most votes.

But we can add value and make things better. You can make sure we get the best to represent us.

We are a nation with 30 million rakyat. Are we saying that we cannot find 222 of our best people to represent us in parliament?

We need to send out a clear message to our political leaders. We want to be spoiled for choice. We want them to offer us only the best – the smartest, uncorrupted, hardworking, sound and healthy candidates. We want to be in a situation whereby no matter whom we choose, we win!

Young Malaysians, please do not take the easy way out and just follow this or that political leaning. Shape your own future, use your own judgment, trust your own thoughts, be confident. You have the intelligence, technology and passion to make things right. You must scrutinize every candidate, no matter which party they are from. Ask them questions, check them out, make them listen.


Because you, and your brother and sister Malaysians, deserve the best. You have the power to make things happen.

What can you do?

1.Be non-partisan. Plan actions guided by the Constitution, Reason and your Conscience.

2.Engage and enroll all your friends into The Third Force. Spread this message. Make this call what you talk about whenever you get together.

3.Form small groups to engage all the potential MPs in your constituency immediately. Tell them what you want. Stress that you are not going to give them a free ride.

4.Make it clear that you want them to put down their promises in black and white. Don’t let them off easy.

5.Make it your 2012 resolution - to be Malaysia’s check and balance, The Third Force.

6.Make a promise to yourself that you will not ever give any potential candidate a free ride.

Young Malaysians, thank you for listening. Remember, you cannot afford to be biased towards the left or the right, because you are needed at the forefront. You are the nation’s hope.

You are The Third Force!!!

Rise up!

Let us add value and make things happen,

anas zubedy

zubedy (m) sdn bhd


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Anonymous said...

I have voted in every elections when I reach 21. However I am not going to vote in PR13. I am not happy with either BN or PR. This is my way to protest.

Anonymous said...

I have voted in every election when I reach 21. However I will not vote in PR13. This is because I am not happy with BN and PR. This is my way to protest.

hak55 said...

JUNE 3 — “I salute Cikgu Lau Hut Yee — a teacher who is Chinese and who carried out his duties and responsibilities as a teacher with full dedication, commitment, and he never knew what ‘being tired’ was teaching and guiding Malay students at STAR. He was the master of Yellow House, of which I was a member. Do you think we will ever meet someone like him again?” Abdul Hadi Mohd Deros, STAR, Class of ‘67.

The comment I found on Facebook above by Abdul Hadi Mohd Deros, a retired senior engineer at TNB and a former student of Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (STAR) from the class of ‘67, attracted me and his question, “Do you think we will ever meet someone like him again?” is a common question we now hear almost everyday. Maybe, to people these days, the situation those days was like “magic” and something that could only happen then but not now.
In the ‘60s, we had all the various races living in this country, just like today, and the situation then was very different from now. Then, nobody bothered what “colour” one was and what race one belongs to. Everyone carried out their daily duties and responsibilities without regard to race at all. We did things as one, as Malaysians. We just wanted to be the best and we shared everything equally. There was no favouritism seen or practised and we definitely didn’t want anyone to fail. Teachers parted their knowledge willingly, like Cikgu Lau Hut Yee, and the same things went for people who served as engineers, doctors, civil servants, etc.

We all wanted our country to be a good and peaceful country, to develop and to progress. But, something, somewhere, things went very wrong and fast forward to now, we see polarisation between races quite distinctly, among others, and it looks like many people, especially many of our leaders, have become very selfish. They only “fight” for their respective community which had made the formation of race-based political parties necessary.
Most recently, we read about and heard a big “hue and cry” from leaders of various communities arguing about the awarding of scholarships for all A students which they alleged had been carried out unfairly and favouring only a certain race. The people don’t like things like these, either seen or heard.

Though Barisan Nasional, the coalition party consisting of Umno, the MCA and MIC and others, represents all the communities in this country but, between them, we can clearly see the individual component party’s leaders’ interest in representing only the people in their community and disputes between leaders of different communities are now aired publicly which should never have happened if they had carried out their duties and responsibilities with the right spirit of 1 Malaysia. They all, rightfully, should be ashamed of themselves and things like these should be avoided at all cost.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has spelled out his vision clearly and the schemes in the ETP and the GTP for us to achieve developed nation and high-income nation status in 2020. Roadmaps, programmes and plans towards achieving Vision 2020 have been laid out very clearly for all to see and regular monitoring of their progress by experienced and qualified people under the able leadership of Datuk Seri Idris Jala, the CEO of Pemandu, is carried out diligently.

Now, what it takes to ensure that Vision 2020 can be achieved in its right form for all Malaysians, especially our leaders, is for all, especially community leaders, to “bury the hatchet”, and to start thinking of the country and its people more and throw out all personal agendas, if any, away.

Hussaini Abdul Karim

barajiwa said...

Kenapakah tuan sediakan mesej ini dalam bahasa Inggeris? Apakah ini kerana ia mahu tuan iklankan dalam 'The Star'?

Jangan lupa yang sangat dahagakan mesej-mesej seperti ini ialah kelompok rakyat kita yang bukan dari kelas menengah. Mereka ini yang mesti dimaklumkan dan diajak untuk berubah. Ibu bapa mereka hanya mendapat 'maklumat' media yang dikawal sepenuhnya oleh UMNO/BN.

Saya cadangkan supaya tuan terjemah mesej ini untuk diiklankan dalam Harakah misalnya.

Apa pun saya muatkan mesej tuan ini ke dalam blog saya:

Sekian, terima kasih.

Kassim Muhamad.