Monday, December 19, 2011

In the Sundaily today

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Dear Young Malaysian

Rise up!

You are needed as The Third Force!

Your country needs you to rise to the occasion. Malaysia needs you to rise above partisan politics. We need you to report directly to the Constitution, to Reason, and to your Conscience.

Let me explain.

Essentially, we no longer have an opposition. A country without an opposition is a country without a mechanism for check and balance. Today, our political actors are divided into two parties, fighting for seats of power. We are moving into a two-party system. While it provides us new opportunities, it also poses new problems.

In a two-party system, too often each side becomes preoccupied attacking the other - trying to make their side look better, and the other look bad. We cannot blame them as it is their modus operandi to get the most votes.

But we can add value and make things better. You can make sure we get the best to represent us.

We are a nation with 30 million rakyat. Are we saying that we cannot find 222 of our best people to represent us in parliament?

We need to send out a clear message to our political leaders. We want to be spoiled for choice. We want them to offer us only the best – the smartest, uncorrupted, hardworking, sound and healthy candidates. We want to be in a situation whereby no matter whom we choose, we win!

Young Malaysians, please do not take the easy way out and just follow this or that political leaning. Shape your own future, use your own judgment, trust your own thoughts, be confident. You have the intelligence, technology and passion to make things right. You must scrutinize every candidate, no matter which party they are from. Ask them questions, check them out, make them listen.


Because you, and your brother and sister Malaysians, deserve the best. You have the power to make things happen.

What can you do?

1.Be non-partisan. Plan actions guided by the Constitution, Reason and your Conscience.

2.Engage and enroll all your friends into The Third Force. Spread this message. Make this call what you talk about whenever you get together.

3.Form small groups to engage all the potential MPs in your constituency immediately. Tell them what you want. Stress that you are not going to give them a free ride.

4.Make it clear that you want them to put down their promises in black and white. Don’t let them off easy.

5.Make it your 2012 resolution - to be Malaysia’s check and balance, The Third Force.

6.Make a promise to yourself that you will not ever give any potential candidate a free ride.

Young Malaysians, thank you for listening. Remember, you cannot afford to be biased towards the left or the right, because you are needed at the forefront. You are the nation’s hope.

You are The Third Force!!!

Rise up!

Let us add value and make things happen,

anas zubedy

zubedy (m) sdn bhd




AsyAnis said...

im sorry if you think im lost, but who is anas zubedy? why on earth did u get the chance to write something inspiring and encouraging in the newspaper, like, the whole page on page 14?

Anonymous said...

May 3rd force be with us

Ambikapathy said...

I like your idea. Friends are interested too. We can join together to be the best force.

Caekaylee said...

May the best win!