Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do you think it is time to change the government?

Firstly, I am sorry to inform you that the Dear Young Malaysian advertisement (click here) will not appear tomorrow in The Star. The management of The Star has found the advertisement a little too sensitive for their publication.

Malaysians who do not have any political leaning, like me, have yet to decide who to vote in the next General Elections. In summarizing our current psyche, deep inside, consciously for some and subconsciously for others, we are debating whether we need to change the government or do we change the way the government works. I, for one, believe that I would need to lay my emotions and biasness aside and help to change Malaysia, one MP at a time. Thus the call for the Malaysian young to rise up to become the mechanism of check and balance.

But when the most widely read newspaper in the country can find an advertisement calling the Malaysian young to base their judgment on the Constitution, Reason and Conscience as ‘sensitive’, one wonders whether we have crossed the threshold of fear to an unacceptable level.

To be totally honest, my rational mind suggests nothing short of a slow, ground up change an MP at a time as our way forward. The next few months will be a critical period for people like me who have yet to decide who to vote. It is silly things like this which I think will tip the balance.

So, do you think we should change the government? Or do you think it is still not too late to change the way the current government works?


Anonymous said...

depends..i'm with the 3rd force..but between bn or pr, will vote for bn..lesser of the 2 evils..:)

johnnie lim said...

Dear Anas,
At the rate of things that is going, I don't that the government can changed. They have 54 years, but nothing has improved. I say it's time for change. At least we dont have to put up with their kind of policy and politics. It's time we dictate the terms. If the new government does not follow the rules, we axe them too.

Vivolala said...

Its sad to know that the star won't publish the ad. major malaysians won't be able to know their rights as 3rd force for check n balance.
I want the best of both ruling party & opposition to govern malaysia.
in the next election, i have my own formula to vote. it will depend who'll be the candidate & their resolution.

Anonymous said...

salam anas,
my wakil rakyat is dr nasir and my mp is sivarasa. both are good leaders. personally i think they've done a better job vis-a-vis to d former wakil rakyat.
here's a quote :
God grant me the serenity to accept the people i cant change, the courage to change the one i can, and d wisdom to know its me.

AsyAnis said...

am proud of u. it's in the Sun today. well i have some faith with the Sun, because it says
"telling it as it is" so i read it.