Sunday, December 18, 2011

A plumber from BN, a plumber from Pakatan by Monyet King

The water tank at my house is clogged. I need a plumber to repair it. There are two plumbers in town. One is from BN, the other from Pakatan. How do I decide which plumber I should engage?
Do I simply engage them on the basis of their party? Of course not.

I will first need to know their track record. So I will ask around. I will ask my neighbours, I will ask my friends, etc to learn about their experience with either plumber. Did they perform well with their previous customers? Can they be trusted?

I will need to know their pricing and after-sales service. Will they come back to service me if their original repair work does not succeed? Can I trust them to charge me a reasonable price and not rip me off?

I will need to know whether they have the necessary skills to repair my water tank. I will ask them how they intend to proceed with the repair. I need to understand and agree to their approach and methods. I want to be sure that while they repair my water tank, they won’t damage my roof.

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