Friday, December 30, 2011

Letter to PM Najib - The Third Force

Dear Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Razak,

Salam sejahtera.

I support you for wanting to field only winnable candidates in the next elections. To me this is a sign that you want to make sure only the best people represent your party, our country.

I wish you would take this effort one step further. Ask Malaysians to only vote the best, even if it means voting against your own candidates if the opposition offers someone better.

This will show you have confidence with your candidates; and at once set a standard and position that all other leaders worthy of their name will need to follow suit, including opposition leaders. It will send a clear sign within your own ranks that you mean business and they must accept your choices.

I understand that weightage should be given to which party a candidate represents. The backing of a good structure, processes and systems can help an MP/ADUN go a long way. However, an excellent candidate without a good party will still be able to serve the rakyat well – with heart and soul, like an excellent teacher in a school without amenities and support. That is why I am suggesting we give foremost consideration to the individual calons.

I thank you for all the effort you have put forth since taking leadership of the country and I have confidence that my suggestion here is in line with People First, Performance Now.


Let us add value,

anas zubedy

managing director

zubedy (m) sdn. bhd

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