Sunday, March 31, 2013

Attention Non-Partisan and Undecided Voters!

You and I, we are powerful.

Our decision will decide who will and who will not be heading to Putrajaya this coming election. We are the kingmakers. We are the Third Force.

Who are we?

We are those who are not aligned to any political parties. Or even if we have a preferred political party, our votes for them are CONDITIONAL! According to some, we are about 30 – 40 % of the total voter count. Meaning, we are the third block; BN, PR and us – The Third Force!

This is not unique to Malaysia. Even in the USA, a nation that boasts a more mature two-party system, the independents represent the largest bloc, 40% in 2012. Democrats only had 31% while Republicans, 27%. It was them who put Obama up for a second term.

The season voters among us probably would have had the experience of voting both for BN and the opposition in the past. Perhaps, historically some of us may have even chosen not to vote - as a form of protest. Our votes and actions depend on the candidates, political situation, and political equation during a particular election.

We are in effect, the most thinking of all the voters. We cannot be bought. We are not easily hood-winked by any side of the political divide, any maverick politician.  Political spin irritates and hypocrisy infuriates us. We want truth, if truth frustrates BN it does not matter to us. If truth frustrates PR, it also does not matter to us. We vote with conscience and because of that, we do not follow anyone blindly. We are the voice of reason; we are the conscience of the nation.

In this coming election, we can choose many paths, but I will confine my discussion to the following five possibilities.

1. We give BN a very strong mandate, like before 2008, far more than the 2/3rd majority – We want a strong government with less politicking. We choose stability and want to focus on the economy. We prefer the ‘China’ way rather than the ‘India’ one where in China projects and government plans could be implemented with greater speed, while in India they need to go through debates over debates. We want to give PM Najib an open track to finish what he has planned out through his ETP and GTP. But we expect the government to go down hard on corruption or else in GE14 we will kick them out.

2. We give instead a very strong mandate to PR – We want a complete overhaul to the system. We want to give PR a chance to implement their promises as per Buku Jingga.  We are open to the possibility and try out DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia. We are also ready to the possibility of turning the country into an ‘Islamic State’ ala PAS ‘Welfare State’ through the amending of the federal constitution - making Shariah the supreme law. We want to restart, reboot. Anything but what we have today. We want to expand our talent pool for leadership outside BN – be they from DAP, PAS or PKR. We feel that Anwar or Hadi can be a good alternative Prime Minister to Najib. We are willing to allow PR to iron out their leadership issues once in power – even if it will cause us some uncertainties. No matter, we expect the new government to go down hard on corruption or else we kick them out in GE14.

3. We allow a hung parliament – This would mean we want to create a new playing field via a new coalition effectively initiating the demise of both BN and PR. We want to leave it to the wisdom of the YDP Agong in formulating a new coalition to bring order, peace, stability, development (minus corruption), and new politics. This would also mean we have also budgeted and acceptted the fact that there may be many attempts to buy over froggies from both sides of the political divide – since both BN and PR are not for anti-frogging law.

4. We reverse the current equation – we give PR the lead but keep it at below 2/3rd majority. This would mean we would like to give PR a chance to proof their case but at the same time we do not want to give them too much power and keep them on their toes at most times. We are ready to go through what we have gone through the last five years; political schisms, tit for tat politics, etc but perhaps at higher intensity. It would be payback time for BN to organise strings of ‘tunjuk perasaan’ to policies, projects and ideas proposed by the PR government. We expect PR to allow freedom of expression as like what they have demanded from BN all this while. We want to allow democracy takes it cause.

5. We keep as per status quo – If we were to choose to do this, what it really means is that we are giving both BN and PR a second chance to correct and proof themselves. We want PR to focus on the states that they are governing and do a good job at it. We do not want another senseless 916 campaign to topple a legitimate government. We do not want to hear anymore blame game since the last term the states were under their care. We want real action, real results not another round of accusing the other side. At the same time we expect BN to fulfil their promises. We want BN to clean up. We do not want old faces that are no longer relevant. We do not want ministers and officials who use their office and the rakyat’s money to fatten up their own family members and cronies. We expect transparency and accountability from both BN and PR ruled governments. We decide what to do next at GE14 based on their performance the next 5 years.

Like me, I have strong convictions that many amongst us have yet to make our decision. We have perhaps just about one more month to decide. Our decision will chart the nation’s future. We are The Third Force.


Anas Zubedy
Kuala Lumpur

Note : This is part of the NO FREE RIDES Campaign. For info click here 


Anonymous said...

I only have one thing in mind. To teach the arrogant PR and their supporters a lesson.

Never in the history of Malaysia you see such an arrogant leader like LGE where a multi billion difference in a project is simply answered by typo error. What? he thinks people are worshiping him and will swallow every nonsense hey says? Can you imagine such people is put to power. What other nonsense will he put to us?

Hazidi said...

Makes sense.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

yes agreed ..

Anonymous said...

Would be nice if this can be direct shareable to facebook.

Anonymous said...


Option 1 will only result in the current government resting on their laurels and acting arrogant... again. Good luck with expecting them to crack down on graft.

Look what happened when we gave them over 2/3 in 2004...

Option 2 will also cause the new government to become complacent & arrogant.

The key is to never give a supermajority to any party. Other countries can function with a razor thin margin, yet in Malaysia where our politicians and prime minister have comfortable majorities, they go around on political circuses instead of running the country properly.

Anonymous said...

In 2008, as a Malay, I gave my vote, as well as many others to PAS because I want to teach the slumberjack PM and his lineup of YES cabinet a lesson. For every election before, whenever, I see the country is in politicking mode as against progressive policy, I will encourage my friends to give a strong mandate to the BN. This happen in 98 and will happen in 2013. The PR, was given a chance to rule 5 states but tell me, what have they given back? What have they proved? Nothing except loosely thought policies, dividing the nations further. The PM has worked hard. He has shown he has worked hard. There are some policies that still need tweeking. So what? This PRU13, I will exercise my vote again! Some party and someone, need to be taught a lesson! PR should be voted out!

Anonymous said...

Option 1 and 5 means Malaysia will remain one of the most corrupt countries in the world - not a good platform for real development and progress. It will also mean that whoever was responsible for deleting records from the Immigration database and authorizing C4 to be taken out from army inventory will never be punished. Option 2 does not mean that DAP or PAS will have their way because both groups will be outnumbered. But Option 2 or 4 does mean that we will have the chance to clear the country from corruption. Option 3 is not good for anybody.