Friday, March 8, 2013

First ABU, now ABCD, and then what?

In striving to make Malaysia a better nation we must be careful with the road taken.

We must not sacrifice the journey for the goal, the means for the end. We need to change Malaysia in the right way towards the right goal. It may take a longer time and we may not be able to see the fruits of our labour but our future generations will profit from it. It is slow, but sure. Good and lasting change needs time to be cultured, we cannot be in a hurry.

That is why on many occasions I have registered my disagreement with the ABU’s unthinking, irresponsible and destructive approach in choosing our MPs and ADUNs in the effort to advance Malaysian politics. The method in effect follows the framework that promotes the kind of decision making that uses blanket, all-or-nothing, blind support or rejection. Such a campaign breeds a longer term danger. It spurs more unthinking divisive positions and a precursor to civil hostility.

Today this divisive scheme has given birth to another blanket stupidity, ABCD; Asalkan Bukan Cina DAP. I have seen this acronym popping in my FB threads and posts that belong to PAS supporters. This trend perhaps was triggered after CM Lim Guan Eng politicised the ‘Allah’ issue via his Christmas message.

What if that ‘Cina DAP’ is better than the other candidates no matter what their background or ethnicity? Similarly, in the case of ABU, what if the UMNO candidate is the better choice? Aren’t we giving the other candidate a free ride? Will we be able to secure the best of Malaysians to be our lawmakers with this method?

First ABU, now ABCD, and then what? Is this the way we want to go?

Anas Zubedy
Kuala Lumpur


DoP82 said...

Hi Anas,

I guess a lot of Malaysians prefer to go with "Either you are with me, or Against me". There is no middle ground.

I have to agree with you on this but I also have my doubts. Since Malaysia is professing Partisan Politics, one person could not make a difference. I did vote according to the person credibility but to my surprise, he was kicked out from his party due to different views. For now, my personal opinion is to go by party since I did not see the difference a person can make in our political scene. :)

Anonymous said...

How Come SmartAss like yourself cannot see the Alphabet Soup Concocted by Najib?

Or is it because you are blind when it comes to what he does?

Too Many SmartAsses Around

Anonymous said...

i tot ABCD means asal bukan china doll.. paisey la wa..

Anonymous said...

Why just DAP?
The whole Pakatan is rotten.
Siapa undi Pakatan siap-siap jadi SUP.

Anonymous said...

There probably be Asal Bukan MS Excel (ABME) soon.....remember the CEC erection blunder ? Hahaha