Friday, March 15, 2013

Kee Thuan Chye and Shen Yee Aun

Kee is a 58 year old Baby Boomer and renowned writer of a best seller. Shen (better known as SYA) a Gen Y and only 26 years of age but is actively writing via his blog and the social media. Kee is proficient in English, SYA in Bahasa Malaysia. But both of them share one common vision – a better Malaysia.

While they may share a common Vision, they differ in terms of politics. SYA is obviously MCA and Kee is perceptibly a DAPster (borrowing Helen Ang’s categorization). Kee recently wrote an open letter to Chua Soi Lek (click ) and SYA responded with an article (click ). Some say that SYA’s counter arguments made Kee’s points not only shaky, but on the verge of being ‘bullshit’ ie the title of the latter’s best seller, ‘No More Bullshit’. Kee should be given a chance to clear himself.

SYA has challenge Kee for a debate. Personally, I am not into debates among politicians and those who talk politics - unless it is in the parliament. To me debates are good for the academia and academicians. But Kee should at least write back and defend his article. At the least it would be nice to see rationale and mature discussion between someone from the ‘old school’ and another representing ‘the new and the young’.  

The ‘old’ and the ‘young’ should see themselves as ‘equals’ and face-off each other as fellow Malaysians for the betterment of the nation.

Anas Zubedy

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