Tuesday, March 19, 2013

GE 13: NO FREE RIDES Campaign

We are launching a NO FREE RIDES – choose the best, screw the rest campaign from the 19th March to the date of GE 13th (whenever it may be). This is a non-partisan initiative with the goal to better Malaysia. Come join us! Here are the details.


‘NO FREE RIDES’ campaign wants you to choose the best calon, regardless of what party they represent.


We, the rakyat, deserve the best. And only by having the best in Parliament can we ensure positive change for Malaysia.


Choose to be a real patriot. Choose the better candidate even if he or she is from the other side.


19th of March until GE13 Election Day


Step by step approach to NO FREE RIDES: Choose the Best, Screw the Rest :)

1.    List down your wish list for your lawmakers.
2.    Go see them, alone or with friends.  Be sure to bring a recording device.
3.    When you meet them, offer a warm greeting, be respectful, and calmly present your wish list.
4.    Ask if they agree to your list. If yes, ask permission to record their agreement.
5.    Thank them and wish them all the best.
6.    Upload the recording with #NoFreeRides in the title; link and share it on social media sites or upload it here
7.    Come GE13, vote the candidate that agrees to most things in your list.
8.    If both are equal, use your instinct, and choose the better of the two.

For more details go to :

5.    Young Malaysians as the Third Force

Anas Zubedy
Kuala Lumpur

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Anonymous said...

Buang masa dan tak cerdik. Calon baik yg menang tak akan dapat buat apa2 jika partinya lemah. Kita juga akan buang masa bila tiada kemenangan yg jelas antara parti-parti. Risikonya iala huru-hara bila tiada yg betul2 menang dan berkuasa. Pelajari dr negara lain.