Thursday, March 28, 2013

Introducing M Prakash Dass as zubedy’s New COO

Kuala Lumpur, 28 March 2013 – zubedy announced today that it has appointed M Prakash Dass as Chief Operating Officer for the last 3 months, effective January 2nd, 2013. His most recent responsibility was as the Managing Director of Malaysia’s only FranklinCovey franchise. With close to 30 years of business exposure behind him, Prakash has been involved with various industries during which time he was integrally involved in the operations, human resource, and corporate planning units of the organisations he was assigned in.

Prakash’s task is to take zubedy, a local brand to international level. Believing that zubedy has barely scratched the surface because Klang Valley is their predominant target for the past 18 years, Prakash feels huge business prospects are widespread all over the country in areas like Penang, Johor, Sabah, and beyond our shores such as Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia. He said, “Therein lies an endless promising ground for zubedy that I want to bring the company to embark on.”

One of the first tasks Prakash is looking at is to see how zubedy can garner the expertise in diagnosing issues and challenges their clients are facing, and finally delivering and training which zubedy is very good at.
He has concrete plans of what to achieve with zubedy as said here, “I want to bring zubedy to a whole new level of professionalism. The key is to move the company from just a training provider to as a business partner to our clients. A training provider can only do so much, but most organisations look at how these training and knowledge acquired by their people can be implemented in their organisations.” He believes that an organisation has the responsibility to not only deliver their programmes well, but to also make sure what they deliver actually sticks.

One of the important avenues to help companies to know zubedy’s products, the company is putting more talent, energy, and resources into their public programmes this year, and Prakash sees these programmes as the platform to create market awareness about who zubedy is and what they do as an organisation. He added by saying, “The public programmes also help us to engage with decision makers out there, who can come to experience our programmes and then understand what we are offering them; for them to sit down and know how good our programmes are. This type of engagement nudges decision makers to invest in our programmes; hence half the battle is won on our part.”

The Chief Operating Officer talked about one of the strongest pull factors that attracted him to join zubedy. He explained, “I have this passion of wanting to make a difference in people’s lives; through social work. And zubedy’s fundamental values focus primarily on Unity. zubedy does not only make differences and add value to other business organisations, but to the community in general.” He commented on zubedy’s in-progress works of setting up a Unity college where people of moderate backgrounds can equip themselves with sales, life, and entrepreneurial skills. He said, “That in itself is a very attractive proposition to me. Naturally, as an organization, it is very principle based to focus on values. This is the other side of why I took on this challenge to join zubedy; to make sure the company deserves a much higher platform than where it is now.”

zubedy’s Managing Director Anas Zubedy said, “Prakash’s leadership is substantial in the training and consultation industry. I look forward to working with him to bring zubedy to another step with new products for our existing and new clients.” According to Anas, his friendship with Prakash started during their university days where they ran many projects together. He said, “We are able to keep our friendship going for a long time because we share the same values and ethics. We believe in working hard and smart, but never in taking the easy way out.” Anas added that the most important area to look at when choosing people to join your company is the shared values, “Prakash and I believe in Unity, adding value to everything we undertake, and working hard. We work above board, no cheating, and we don’t sell unless what we sell is good for the clients.”

Prakash holds a Master in Science with Honours in Human Resource Management and Training from the University of Leicester, U.K. and a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Malaya.  He also holds a professional underwriting qualification in Chartered Insurance, and is certified in several leading leadership and management programmes.

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