Monday, March 25, 2013

Dear Anons, can we have a deal?

I want to post all Anonymous comments even if you disagree with me. Most do. But it is important that we follow certain principles, some understanding. In today’s world of internet freedom, we need some form of self- control all the more; certain gentlemanly self-regulation.

As a marketing man I have been trained and know how to appreciate positive and negative feedback, comments and suggestions from anonymous individuals exceedingly. Feedbacks in the positives or negatives are good mirrors that we can use to reflect. We should suspend our judgment and consider the perception of others – rightly or wrongly.

Personally, I respect your need to remain anonymous. I see that you must have a good reason.

Whether your intention is good or bad is beyond my capacity to decide. I don’t play God (and may I suggest you do the same). Even if your intentions are bad, you may have good grounds – at least in your own eyes.

The fact that you took the trouble to give feedback shows that you have the passion to make the world a better place and add value. You took the trouble because you cared about what I think, what I do and I thank you.

I take the stand that there are not many BAD people in the world, but many may simply be unaware. Sometimes humans are bad not because they are terrible but because they do not know. It is hard to be angry with people who make uninformed decisions simply because they lack information and understanding.

For example, do you remember those cow-head protesters? They belong to this group of unconscious people. While our anger drives us to want to take them to court and to punish them, a more spiritual and God-Conscious approach is to help them see the light and be remorseful. We need to trigger their hearts and show how wrongful and hurtful they were to the Hindus. We need to help them see the light, apologize, repent and not to repeat such an act. I thought getting them to care, clean and feed cows for 6 months would have been wiser.

You see, I am a liberal and support democracy. I can accept you even if you decide to pray to Satan! That is your prerogative. I may not agree with your logic, behaviour and your stand; I may talk you into changing your mind, but I can accept you as you are. I accept your rights to believe.  My conviction is that since everything is God- Made and since God is All-Good, nothing can be all bad, including Satan.

I will only agree or disagree with your ‘choices’ because that is the only difference between us humans and the rest of God’s creation. We are given the capacity to have a ‘WILL’ and ‘MAKE CHOICES’. So, when we ‘MAKE CHOICES’ we are using God’s best gift to us. How could I fault you for that?

The rest of creation, like animals, the moon and the sun are on automatic settings and behave as they do by default – Satan included.

This is my world-view shaped by The Quran (check Quran chapter 2:30 and other conceptual framework about Adam). If you have a differing world-view, we can agree to disagree :).

I want to post all Anonymous comments even if they disagree with me. But we need good culture. Shall we have a general contract about Anonymous comments?

Here are my suggestions:


1. Please, no profanity.  I find it really unfortunate when some good feedback cannot be posted because of bad language. It was not the disagreement that stopped them from being allowed to appear, but it was the vulgarity.

2. Nothing seditious.


1.Don’t play God - or pretend you can read people’s mind and hearts. Practice the act of ‘doubting yourself’. Only the strong can and are willing to do that.

2. Don’t make sweeping statements like “All Malays are lazy” or “All Chinese are rich,” or “All Indians cannot be trusted”, etc.

3.Know the difference between a fact and an opinion – Facts must have adequate empirical information to back it up; your opinion is your emotional stand.

Thanks and peace.

Anas Zubedy


Rockybru said...

Ah, Anas, you have finally come to that "anonymous crossroad". May I congratulate you. Not many bloggers would take the trouble to accomodate the Anons of the Comment Box when in fact these Anons are accepted/approved citizens of the Net. I tried once to regulate them but bar a few, most of them refused to be governed by any kind of rules and regulations. They even refused to self-regulate!

(I tried to appeal to all Anons to take up a nickname eg Monsterball so that I would not have to refer to them by timestamp, eg Anon 1104am Anon 1001pm. I also told Anons that I would change all their F word to D word eg duck you instead of fuck you. All to no avail, of course).

In the end, Anons listen only when you reject their comments (in which case they will whine and whinge and call you undemocratic etc).

I still think all Anons should adopt a nickname. After all, an Anon is still an Anon whatever the nick is.

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

But...but, that's why I post as Anonymous!


Just kidding.

anas zubedy said...

Yes bro, written about it sometime ago. Rewrote it as of late many anons are giving feedback. But, as u said, some refuse to self-regulate. But, I always have hope....

Mullah TTDI said...

Dear Anas.
Thanks for writing a beautiful reminder. We can agree and disagree at the same time but in ethical manner. May ALLAH bless you and your family always