Sunday, March 18, 2018

What does the Quran say about “ADAM’S CHILDREN”?

In this post I would like to share a quick look about us humans ie the direct message the Quran gave to ‘the children of Adam”, in Arabic Bani Adam. In the Quran, Adam represents the first civilized homo sapiens, one who is endowed with the power of conceptual thoughts and language: our ability to talk and define reality (Quran 2:31).

As such, we are all Bani Adam – Hindus, Christians, Buddhist, Taoist, Muslims and Atheist too. This post will kickstart a few posts on matters of human history, unity and disunity.  

The first 7 entries below will point us to verses directly using the term “children of Adam”, the remaining 3 is about we were created as ‘one single community’ and how we later held divergent views.

All emphasis are mine to help readers focus on a particular message.

1.    O CHILDREN of ADAM! Indeed, We have bestowed upon you from on high [the knowledge of making] garments to cover your nakedness, and as a thing of beauty: but the garment of God-consciousness is the best of all. Herein lies a message from God, so that man might take it to heart. - Quran 7:26

2.    O CHILDREN OF ADAM! Do not allow Satan to seduce you in the same way as he caused your ancestors to be driven out of the garden: he deprived them of their garment [of God-consciousness] in order to make them aware of their nakedness. Verily, he and his tribe are lying in wait for you where you cannot perceive them!  Verily, We have placed [all manner of] satanic forces near unto those who do not [truly] believe; Quran 7:27

3.    NOW, INDEED, We have conferred dignity on the CHILDREN OF ADAM, and borne them over land and sea, and provided for them sustenance out of the good things of life, and favoured them far above most of Our creation: Quran 17:70

4.    O CHILDREN of ADAM! Beautify yourselves for every act of worship, and eat and drink [freely], but do not waste: verily, He does not love the wasteful! Quran 7:31

5.    Did I not enjoin on you, O you CHILDREN OF ADAM, that you should not worship Satan – since, verily, he is your open foe; Quran 36:60

6.    O CHILDREN OF ADAM! Whenever there come unto you apostles of your own, conveying My messages unto you, then all who are conscious of Me and live righteously - no fear need they have, and neither shall they grieve; Quran 7:35

7.    AND WHENEVER thy Sustainer brings forth their offspring from the loins of the CHILDREN OF ADAM, He [thus] calls upon them to bear witness about themselves: "Am I not your Sustainer?" - to which they answer: "Yea, indeed, we do bear witness thereto!" [Of this We remind you,] lest you say on the Day of Resurrection, "Verily, we were unaware of this"; Quran 7: 172

8.    And, verily, this community of yours is ONE SINGLE COMMUNITY, since I am the Sustainer of you all: remain, then, conscious of Me! Quran 23:52

9.    Verily, [o you who believe in me,] this community of yours is ONE SINGLE COMMUNITY, since i am the sustainer of you all: worship, then, me [alone]! Quran 21:92

10. AND [know that] all mankind were once but ONE SINGLE COMMUNITY, and only later did they begin to hold divergent views. And had it not been for a decree- that had already gone forth from thy Sustainer, all their differences would indeed have been settled [from the outset]. Quran 10:19

Peace, anas

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