Wednesday, March 14, 2018

What does the Quran say about MODERATION – THE MIDDLE PATH?

I am a Malaysian who practice Moderation 😊. This behavior is totally in line with what the Quran wants me to do. The Quran appeal to us to be moderate in all areas be it in prayer or at war. Let us allow the Quran to speak for itself on moderation through these 10 entries.
 All emphasis are mine to help readers focus on a particular message.

1.    Seek instead, by means of what God has granted thee, [the good of] the life to come, without forget­ting, withal, thine own [rightful] share in this world; and do good [unto others] as God has done good unto thee; and seek not to spread corruption on earth: for, verily, God does not love the spreaders of corruption!” Quran 28:77

2.    And thus have We willed you to be a community of the middle way, so that [with your lives] you might bear witness to the truth before all mankind, and that the Apostle might bear witness to it before you. And it is only to the end that We might make a clear distinction between those who follow the Apostle and those who turn about on their heels that We have appointed [for this community] the direction of prayer which thou [O Prophet] hast formerly observed: for this was indeed a hard test for all but those whom God has guided aright. But God will surely not lose sight of your faith-for, behold, God is most compassionate towards man, a dispenser of grace. Quran 2:143

3.    Say: "Invoke God, or invoke the Most Gracious: by whichever name you invoke Him, [He is always the One-for] His are all the attributes of perfection. And [pray unto Him; yet] be not too loud in thy prayer nor speak it in too low a voice, but follow a way in-between; 17:110

4.    and who, whenever they spend on others, are neither wasteful nor niggardly but [remember that] there is always a just mean between those [two extremes]; Quran 25:67

5.    AND FIGHT in God's cause against those who wage war against you, but do not commit aggression-for, verily, God does not love aggressors - Quran 2:190

6.    And [withal.] We do not burden any human being with more than he is well able to bear: for with Us is a record that speaks the truth [about what men do and can do]; and none shall be wronged. Quran 23:62

7.    Hence, if you have to respond to an attack (in argument], respond only to the extent of the attack levelled against you; but to bear yourselves with patience is indeed far better for (you, since God is with] those who are patient in adversity. Quran 16:126

8.    “Hence, be modest in thy bearing, and lower thy voice: for, behold, the ugliest of all voices is the [loud] voice of asses…” Quran 31:19

9.    God does not burden any human being with more than he is well able to bear: in his favour shall be whatever good he does, and against him whatever evil he does. O our Sustainer! Take us not to task if we forget or unwittingly do wrong! "O our Sustainer! Lay not upon us a burden such as Thou didst lay upon those who lived before us! O our Sustainer! Make us not bear burdens which we have no strength to bear! "And efface Thou our sins, and grant us forgiveness, and bestow Thy mercy upon us! Thou art our Lord Supreme: succour us, then, against people who deny the truth!"

10. We did not bestow the Qur'an on thee from on high to make thee unhappy, Quran 20:2

 Peace, anas

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