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What does the Quran say about CREATION?

The Quran is not a science book, but it is a book of Signs.

The Quran repeatedly say that it is a guidance to mankind (eg Quran 2:2, 2:84, 7:203, 16:64 etc). It guides mankind to discover science, study science and build science as a discipline of which the myriad branches of sciences followed.

Thus, after the arrival of the Quran, science and scientists mushroomed and the discipline of science became a norm within the early Muslim empire. For a quick video on some of the scientists and their contribution go here:

They changed the world. That the Quran had such an impact to the world through them should not surprise us as from the first revelation (Quran 96:1-5) to the Prophet, God emphasized on science, the study of creation, to read and to write – to study what we do not know as “He will teach us’. My speech explained a short history on how reading and writing changed the Prophet and his follower linking the impact of this change to Tsai Lun’s invention of paper and Gutenberg’s printing process to human development. You can read it here:

Before I share you 10 entries on the subject, here is a quick video on “ What is Science?”

All emphasis are mine to help readers focus on a particular message.

1.    READ in the name of thy Sustainer, who has- created man out of a germ-cell Read - for thy Sustainer is the Most Bountiful One who has taught [man] the use of the pen – taught man what he did not know! Quran 96:1-5

2.    The Originator is He of the heavens and the earth: and when He wills a thing to be, He but says unto it, "Be" -and it is. -Quran 2:117
v  Note : God created everything out of nothing?

3.    ARE, THEN, they who are bent on denying the truth not aware that the heavens and the earth were [once] one single entity, which We then parted asunder? – and [that] We made out of water every living thing? Will they not, then, [begin to] believe? - Quran 21:30
v  Note: Big Bang theory? Primordial Soup theory?

4.    In this, behold, there is indeed a reminder for everyone whose heart is wide-awake -that is, [every­one who] lends ear with a conscious mind - and [who knows that] We have indeed created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in six aeons, and [that] no weariness could ever touch Us. – Quran 50:37-38
v  Note: Stages in the creation of the universe?

5.    AND IT IS We who have built the universe with [Our creative] power; and, verily, it is We who are steadily expanding it. - Quran 51:47
v  Note: Theory of the expanding universe?

6.    What is amiss with you that you cannot look forward to God's majesty, seeing that He has created [every one of] you in successive stages?
– Quran 71:13-14
v  Note: Evolution?

7.    And they say, "Why has no miraculous sign been bestowed on him from on high by his Sustainer?" Say: "Behold, God has the power to bestow any sign from on high." Yet most human beings are unaware of this although there is no beast that walks on earth and no bird that flies on its two wings which is not [God's] creature like yourselves: no single thing have We neglected in Our decree. And once again: Unto their Sustainer shall they [all] be gathered. - Quran 6:37-38
v  Note: Social animal theory? Study of DNA? Rights of animal?

8.    It is He who creates you out of dust, and then out of a drop of sperm, and then out of a germ-cell; and then He brings you forth as children; and then [He ordains] that you reach maturity, and then, that you grow old - though some of you [He causes to] die earlier -: and [all this He ordains] so that you might reach a term set [by Him], and that you might [learn to] use your reason.- Quran 40:67
v  Note: Theory of life’s journey conception to growing up, growing old, and natural death?

9.    O MANKIND! Be conscious of your Sustainer, who has created you out of one living entity, and out of it created its mate, and out of the two spread abroad a multitude of men and women. And remain conscious of God, in whose name you demand [your rights] from one another, and of these ties of kinship. Verily, God is ever watchful over you! - Quran 4:1
v  Note: All life on Earth evolved from a single-celled organism?

10. And among His wonders is this: He creates you out of dust – and then, lo! you become human beings ranging far and wide! - Quran 30:20
v  Note: 'Out Of Africa' Theory Of Human Evolution?

Google and find out more. 

Peace, anas

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