Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 things I want Barisan Nasional to do by Monyet King

Before you read further, you should read my entry last week about which political side I belong to (go here). But if you are too lazy to go there, I guess it would suffice to say that I am not a member of any Pakatan Rakyat component parties. I am also not a member of any Barisan Nasional component parties. I have religiously voted in every general election ever since I became eligible to vote. Once again, before you proceed, read my previous entry.

Here are 10 things that I would like BN to do (in a few days, I will write about the 10 things I want Pakatan to do)

1.Listen to the rakyat
Despite the serious losses in the last general election, it seems to me that the BN is still oblivious to sentiments on the ground. I am not sure whether BN really doesn’t know or it simply does not care. People want their voices to be heard. People want to be consulted. Regardless whether you agree with them or not, as the government, you are duty-bound to listen to the rakyat. Just listen, la… it is not so difficult. For many (not all) programmes or projects that the government does, there is little or no public consultation. The public is always left in the dark. The notion of engaging the public also seems alien to our civil service. I am not saying that there is no public engagement. I am saying that we need to do a lot more. Our laws need to be amended to make public consultation mandatory for major policies, programmes and projects. Listen to all sides. Get feedback even though it takes time. LISTEN.

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