Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pleaselah...Malaysia is more colorful than u may think ...

Dear Dr. Lim Teck Ghee,

I refer to CPI’s article Debunking The BERSIH 2.0 Critics.

Kindly note that I am Pro-BERSIH; meaning I am for the constant and consistent cleaning up of the electoral process and system. Just because I do not subscribe with the manner of which BERSIH wanted to achieve it, it does not mean I am with BERSIH’s opponent. That is a very shallow way of looking at things.

Your article has lump me together with those who are against BERSIH in principle. I do not think my good friend Dr Chandra agreed with my approach. Nor do i have any contact with Tun M and Rocky bru. Kindly re-read both my articles about the subject here and here . Do you see me disagreeing with BERSIH in principle? I would be happy if you do not play God and pretend to know what is in my heart; as though you know my intentions.

It is sad to see that even intellectuals like you fail to see that the country does not belong to only two camps. We are more colourful than that. I wrote the article after chatting with more than 20 business leaders, top management of multinationals, local companies and entrepreneurs. By lumping us with the camps, you are alienating us. That is not very wise. Your idea and the ideas of your opponent are not the only option. Not wanting to listen to other ideas and avenues is nothing short of bigotry.

Kindly write a correction immediately. I would be happy if you also post my two articles as prove.

Thank you.

Peace, anas zubedy

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Admin said...

The CPI has responded to your letter (see here). It has also published your letter in full as you have requested.

In return, you are requested to publish CPI's reply in your blog, in full. This is only fair, so that your readers can evaluate both points of view on an equal footing.