Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Malays are Malaysian too :)

My dear Brother and Sister Malaysians,

Let me tell you a story.

Back in 1996, The Star interviewed me for a Hari Malaysia article. In that interview, I suggested all boarding schools including MARA, ITM, and Maktab Sains should be opened to all races. I remember that my late father, a staunch Malay loyalist, was unhappy with me for this many years after. I proposed that the ideal situation is national schools which cater for those who desire to learn the mother tongues and it would be even better if we should learn each other’s language.

My late father was unhappy with me but many lauded me as a good, true Malaysian.

In 2006, I published an ad for Deepavali on affirmative action for the urban poor. The message was to look at the problems affecting a community not just as one community’s problem, but our burden as a nation. I specifically spoke for our Indian brothers and sisters who were displaced from the estates.

Again, I was lauded as a good, true Malaysian.

Parti GERAKAN invited me in 2008 to give a talk at their Teh-Tarik series. I spoke on how we should no longer think and speak of fairness according to race, but to really consider the pockets of people who are in dire need. Again, I brought attention to our Indian brothers and sisters who have to survive on very little. I also asked GERAKAN to highlight many poor Chinese who were left out in our NEP. Not all non-Malays are rich I said, not all Malays are poor.

I was lauded as a good, true Malaysian.

One of my ads in 2009 was on Empathy. In it, I propagated that as a rule, if eating establishments, government departments and society do not serve pork, we should not also serve beef in order to respect Hindu sensitivities. This echoed the same call in my 2006 Christmas ad to stop practicing double standards and to treat everybody equally.

I was lauded as a good, true Malaysian.

In Chapter 4 of my book ‘The Quran and I’, published in May 2010, I suggested that if it is okay for Muslims to accept support for a mosque from non-Muslims, the Muslims must also support the needs of other places of worship. In Chapter 5, I suggested that as the NEP has helped many Malays out of poverty, we should have a similar policy for the Indian poor, too. I stressed that zakat should also be channeled to all who are poor, not just Muslim poor.

Again I was lauded as a good and true Malaysian.

But a while ago I decided to speak on behalf of the Malays, explaining what hurt them most, what they consider sensitive in an open letter to YB Lim Guan Eng and the DAP; showing them a way to the hearts of the Malays …

… suddenly I am chauvinist.

Is it not ironic? While the first 5 letters in Malaysia reads M.A.L.A.Y. some among us forget that the Malays are Malaysian too.

How did this happen? Is it not sad? We must make a stand that when one speaks on behalf of anyone, any race, any group – explaining what is in one’s heart, what is in one’s mind - be it for our Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Eurasian, Iban, Malay Brother and Sister Malaysians, they are speaking for Malaysians.

By law I am Malay, by ancestry I am a mixed Malay-Arab, by choice I am a Malaysian but in the heart I belong to A Human Race :)

Peace, anas zubedy


jon pour do care said...

Salam Tuan,

Something very interesting in this posting but Tuan, you stop short answering your 'one million dollars question' ! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN ?

I humbly believe this question has been bugging the malays also ! Can you help to find the answer(s)? Help is needed here !

Monyet King said...

Keep on doing what you have always been doing, Anas. Most people know that you mean well.

vinnan said...

No Malays are not Malaysians. Malays are above and beyond all the rules which govern the non-Malays. Malays MUST dominate the government, Malays are "Ketuanan' heroes all the nons are second class citizens known as Malaysians. Moohidden is correct when he said he is Malays first and Malaysian second. Malays are not Malaysians because Malaysians have to slog for what they have and feed the Malays at the same time while being called communist, racist and extremist. So long as Malays live off the sweat of the non-Malays no Malay can call himself or herself a Malaysian.

Dot said...

YES!! we still have to talk about our malay race because many poor malays in the rurals are deprived of their rights to have a share in the wealth of this country. the kampung folks do not have the access & the know-how to the same luxurious lifestyle owned by people in the big cities. some still do not know what internet is & miss a lot of things that they are supposed to enjoy. unlike the city people, kampung folks will be satisfied if they have enough to survive daily & able to send their children to school hoping that their children will not inherit their poverty...

i'm dealing with many poor students in the rural areas since in the 80's, i'll get some photos to show their state of dwellings & what kind of things their parents do to survive...we wont believe it till we see with our own eyes!

Charles F. Moreira said...

It's called Boolean Logic.

zero - one, male - female, black - white, dead - alive, on - off, yes - no, heads - tails, us - them, with no shades of grey in between.

That's Malaysian thinking and there are a few Malaysians like you who can see things in a graded, shaded, in-between, fuzzy logic perspective and the need to cater to the complexity of differeing, sometimes conflicting concerns of different groups.

Anonymous said...

syukur alhamdulillah.. you see now what many of us silent Malays see for many years now. kecil hati orang melayu takde siapa pun peduli. tak boleh disebut. in my opinion, this phenomena became rampant during pak lah's time and the misinterpretation of najib's 1malaysia when it was first introduced.


Jose said...

"I remember that my late father, a staunch Malay loyalist, was unhappy with me for this many years after". I too remember my father being upset over my personal and more liberal opinions. But, now as I grow older (and I'm not that young then), I see what he sees, and I feel a shame to be so cocky then. I guess like the old Malay saying, "Siapa makan garam terlebih dahulu", knows more about the bitter reality of life in Malaysia.

Ganesh said...

Peace brother. Don't feel so sad. You have done nothing wrong. Keep up your work, don't be discouraged by the feeble minded.

Amir Hafizi said...

Bro, I wrote a long entry here and then deleted it.

All I can say is that, I understand. That's all.

Skilgannon1066 said...

All of what you write is valid.

But, in the greater world out there, who cares?

At the end of the day, he with the most bucks still calls the shots! Or those with the ability to print currency willy-nilly.

The Malays are Malaysian. Yes. So, too, the Indians, Chinese, Eurasians and "others".

Or are some more equal than others? And is it edifying to have this rammed down our collective throats from the get-go?

Whatever the perceived faults of the USA, I am amazed at the country's ability to be a true cultural "melting pot". Doesn't matter if you are Latino, South Asian, WASP or whatever, people still believe in the American dream that education and hard work will get you places.

Is this not true?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anas, you finally realised what DrM has been saying all along..

In Malaysia, if a Malay defends his race - he is a racist. If other race speaks-fights-defends-demands for his race, it is their God-given right..

Sad but true.

BUT frankly.. padan muka Melayu.. siapa suruh berpecah sampai mudah dipijak2? Itu pun masih ramai Melayu yg tak sedar..

Malaysian Malaysia is just a tagline to fool Malays like you..

I personally will ONLY accept its sincerity IF and only if all vernacular schools are totally abolished, all Malaysians start speaking Bahasa Malaysia fluently AND stop bad-mouthing their own country to foreigners every opportunity they get.

Call me cynical, rasanya sampai kiamat pun bendatu tidak akan berlaku ;p

usabukata said...


now you know their true colour(s). how low they look down at melayu.
they only use you as long as you are on their side.
soon melayu will be beggars at tanah melayu.
i do not trust this people.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Anas, I've always respected what you have been doing even though I don't always agree with you (but just for the record, I've long held the belief that some of the Indians need assistance a-la NEP too). I felt it's a disgrace how people speak of you in one blog with regards and in response to the open letter, and this after you posted a comment, a humble one in my opinion, on the blog. I must also say that the silence of the blog owner is also a disgrace.

Throughout the years I've learnt that some people do not want equality. Not really. They just want more.

Please continue with your hard work. I believe you have inspired a lot of people.

Naj the Malay loyalist

S.Arasu said...

The Malays have been given all the privilages for FREE whilst the others have had to work for everything the own!!So how can that be right or fair???

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother Anas, I am a Malaysian Chinese and I support your views. I do understand your message very clearly. We need to have better appreciation of each other's culture and thinking. Tolerance is not enough. There must acceptance of each other like brothers and sisters. We must live together with open minds and open hearts. You have my support Brother Anas.

Joey said...

Whatever the perceived faults of the USA, I am amazed at the country's ability to be a true cultural "melting pot".

Think some people should know, in response to SkilGannon1066, that in the US, the cultural and race issues are not similar.

1) The majority whites control the economy, education, government and mostly about everything.
2) African-Americans are the minority and the other ethnic groups are just a minority in the minority group. Their numbers are just a little bit more in some states. In other words, they don't have to deal with multicultural issues as much as we think.
3) Religion are predominantly Christians.
4) There are no vernacular schools for specific races.
5) The income gap between Whites and African-Americans is huge. With the black occupying the lower end of the income group.
6) The African-Americans were brought in to the US by force as slaves, while in Malaysia, the minorities choose to get on a ship in search for wealth, or cheated by the British in promise of silver and gold.
7) The whites are migrants themselves. They are not native in America.
8) There never was a melting pot, the whites melted away the identity of other races to make it similar to theirs and brand it as African-Americans, Chinese-American, Latin-American, Native-American, while the whites....well they are just American.

Just to point out a few here. You can ask the African-Americans in the US what kind of true melting pot it is in the US. Most of the African-Americans, Red-Indians and Latinos feel that their culture is slipping away, while in Malaysia, each ethnic group managed to preserve their culture and language.

To think that once the majority in the land now known as America were the land belonging to the natives Red Indians. Today, Red Indians only sit in small diminishing reserved lands.

foyifa said...

Dear Brother Anas, I am a Malaysian Chinese and I support your views. I do understand your message very clearly. We need to have better appreciation of each other's culture and thinking. Tolerance is not enough. There must acceptance of each other like brothers and sisters. We must live together with open minds and open hearts. You have my support Brother Anas.

Malaysian said...

Hah, tu baru kena tegur sikit, belum lagi depa ni berkuasa.

Renung-renungkan selamat beramal !

Anonymous said...


The problem is, you wrote to the Braggart LGE of the chinese chauvinist DAP. To them, they are the "untouchables", especially if the hands reaching to touch them are the Melayu like you and me.

It is very different when we touch the MCA and Gerakan chinese who are more accommodating and receptive.

Bro, forget DAP. This is not the time for diplomacy with such chauvinist party.


Anonymous said...

Anas, bloggers not majority you know. So, let's play down on this race issue. Chinese vs Malay, Malay vs Indian, Indian vs Malay....all for what?

Maybe like what you suggest better. Malaysian is race. Malay-Arab/Chinese/Indian/Others as ancestry. Then we let the ancestors kau-tim lah, new generation can move on.

BIGCAT said...

Aku pun dulu macam engko juga. Very idealistic. Menyampah tengok perangai orang Umno yg bodoh sombong. Nak buat yg terbaik untuk semua. Tak kira bangsa dan agama. I am still standing on the middle ground but maturity has teaches me the reality of our society. As u had discovered now, the other side is even worst. They r the worst of hypocrites. The racists among them r 10 times more worst than the most vile among those so-called Umno goons. What makes them so despicable is that they hide their racism behind all those ideals we cherished. Yes, it was sad to discover we had been fooled and our ideals betrayed.

Anonymous said...

Those who have gone overseas to Europe and US and come back after many many years will realize all of a sudden, all Malaysians whatever their colour or brain size are killing each other over something called racism and perceived superiority complex over each other.

It took a very long time too before the majority of Americans and Europeans overcame this and be liberated but till today there still exists pockets of such people around.

Want to know what change the Americans and Europeans thinking?

They had visionary leaders who can see thru all these dirty stuff and lead the people via elected Government to ensure evryone has a rightful place under the sun.

Malaysia once had these ideals when it gained Independence but somehow lost it's strength midway building up the nation and instead opted for popularity rather than visionary ideals.

It finally boils down to good leadership who are visionary enough to see what lies ahead for it's country and citizens and to enact laws and just policies to bind it's people together.

Examples of failed nations all over the world are there for everyone to see and read and only fools will still go treading that path towards doom.

However, have faith that however divided a nation's citizens may be due to each perceived angst of deprivation, when laws and regulations are just and leaders provide vision of how a nation should moved ahead, the struggle may be long and tiresome, but most of it's citizens will soon come around and be converted to such ideals.

That's what make the difference between being called a developed and civilised nation or a developed but still uncivilised

gibby said...

Not just you, Anas. Even non-Malays who speak up for the government are being branded negatively by their own races.

I'm a Chindian married to a Malay. (BTW, my birth cert proudly states my father's South Asian descent. One isn't ashamed unlike "some" people.) As with most Chindians, we can pass off as Malays, so growing up, people used to mistake me for all our racial categories.

As I'm almost 50, I've heard a lot over the years about people's private opinions. Because people who think I'm Chinese (when I speak Cantonese) will freely give their views, likewise Indians, Malays, Eurasians.

This may anger some, but from my experience, I've realised there is a growing contempt -- I stress the two words -- among segments of Chinese and Indians for the Malays. It has worsened over the years.

And it is strongest among the Chinese-educated ones and the affluent Indian ones. These include family, friends and acquaintances.

How often I've heard Malay teachers/govt servants being called "stupid, lazy, so kampung etc." Women in tudungs are immediately seen as dumb, Malay graduates dismissed as unskilled and I really detest seeing this -- someone complaining loudly that "they can't speak English" when the real issue is as a Malaysian "why can't YOU speak Bahasa?"

Just last week, a wealthy Indian man (who has a huge house here and in London, and whose kids all studied in England), was complaining to me how "stupid" the government and Bank Negara was because of keeping the ringgit weak. His beef -- so much more expensive for him to covert his ringgit when he travels abroad!

Almost all of my Chinese-ecucated cousins can hardly speak Bahasa or English fluently. They live in a world where they speak Chinese,read Chinese, watch Canto DVDSs, listen to Canto pop. Never mind no Malay friends, they also hardly have Indian ones (and don't get me started on the "keeling yan" comments.)

As for the Indian side, there's always something to complain about, especially "how we are the wrong colour," etc. But you try asking a Tamil to marry a Jaffnese or Malayalee. In many cases, we'll see who's the real racist.

Those who love to cite the US as a "melting pot" tend to forget that immigrants there ASSIMILATE. They have to speak English, and study and conduct business in English. So why can immigrants there be so accepting of the native language or customs, but here cannot?
Can wear suits but not songkok? Complain of Islamisation is local schools but happily let children attend Sunday chapel services in English boarding schools?

I could go on but running out of space. One thing I'll stress. The Malays MUST master Engish and the govt must go all out, forget the language purists. Also, if the NEP has to go, then get rid of the vernacular schools. Quid pro quo.

The police etc are all accused as being corrupt but no one seems to remember that bribes are paid by those who have broken laws.

And being married to a Malay and getting involved in the community, I've seen how

Anonymous said...

Poor Anas. You (and so many of us) learned the hard way.

I think of myself as a good citizen who happens to be Melayu but i truly am
vexed when i read comments like this:
"Oooh so and so.. if only there were more Malays who think like you."

So is a good Malay the Malay who no longer thinks and acts/behaves like a Malay?

I-love-everyone Msian

glassman said...

Live and let live, so what if those with the bucks rules as long as you are you. as long as you can be what you wanna be, so what? Just don't butt into other people's business!

Anonymous said...

This our new Malaysia as being moulded by the chauvinist, communist-minded racists.


NegaraKU said...

Should get the government to set up Insurance scheme to help the raayat.

Insurance For Medical
Insurance for Retrench
Insurance for Retirement.
Insurance for Retraining while Jobless.
Get Socso to cover it for all.
Can't be collecting and give out to who?

Anonymous said...

Salam Anas,


Dr. M is right. We only look good on them if they can use the "Melayu"s for their own cause. Deep down, the reality again, goes back to before independence where the Malays are the lowest "cast" in Malaysia.

For the record, we are not pendatang AT ALL. Very few civilizations got to name their race as the name of the land, which shows the strength of the people, and the government they have built. Malay as a lingua franca is not by coincidence, but by the dominance in the region, same as English now.

Malays are being told they are not good as a psy war. We were once might, and they have to subdue the potentials we have, for us not to return to our glory days - the Srivijayan days (yes, Srivijayan is a Malay government where the last descendent is Sultan of Perak now)

I've only met a few Chinese who look up on Malays, on merit. Most will look down on us, the Malays, until we showed/proved that we are better than them. This happens to me all the time.


harmdone7 said...

sad but true. that's all i can say. :-(

Anonymous said...

please try to get this article posted to malaysiakini and malaysian insider.I bet you they will not do it.I am living in a community of many non malays.The way they look at us now is that we are a bunch of not very smart people,and that the real battle now is that we are fighting among ourselves.I hope the non malays realise that if one pushes any partiular race too far the outcome will not be good. I am not in any way threatening anyone but the real losers in the end will be malaysia itself and us malaysians.

Tron said...

The thing speaks for itself, no?

The comments on this blog and others speaks for itself, no?

These people assume that all the Malays are stupid and will give in without consideration, no?

Well, think again.

Really Hard.

Anonymous said...

honestly, sick of rocky (atan)

Anonymous said...

vinnan had just proven what you said. "So long as Malays live off the sweat of the non-Malays no Malay can call himself or herself a Malaysian" ???????
WTF is that?? Bila masa aku makan duit diaorg ni hah? My parents worked hard to send me to uni. No scholarship, mind u. And now I'm slogging at work, earning money from my own sweat and tears, and paying tons of TAXES!! Yes, MALAYS PAY TAXES TOO OKAY!!! U all jangan perasan bagus sangat la wey!


Mael Hashim said...

Padan muka Anas. Buat iklan berkali-kali kononnya nak samaratakan Melayu dengan bukan Melayu. Dalam hati saya memang sakit setiap kali baca iklan-iklan berkenaan. Mentang-mentang banyak duit, nak gunakan duit untuk samaratakan hak bukan Melayu dengan hak Melayu. Pergi jahanam dengan duit kaw !

Seolferwulf said..., why does a Malaysian Malay have to defend his/her race?

Have they done something that needs to be defended?

Why the hang-up over race and nationality if not for deep-rooted fears of inferiority and insecurity?

To visit the sins and shortcomings of our forefathers on current generations is the height of folly, if not madness.

And definitely not becoming of a country that is trying to be a developed nation and part of a globalised world.

If competing now is tough, folks, you haven't realized what's down the road. ASEAN economic integration, a spate of ASEAN free trade agreements and ongoing liberalization of the manufacturing and services sectors, with the attendant mobility of talent and skilled labour, means there will be no more excuses, opt-outs, exemptions or copouts pleading an inability to compete.

And I have never thought that Malaysians, of all races and religions, backed away from competition and meritocracy - at least not those Malaysians I have studied with, worked with and am proud to call friends,

Anonymous said...

continue to speak for the Malays because yes Malays are Malaysians too

Anonymous said...

Malays need to speak up more even at the risk of being called a racist or whatever...the non-Malays are getting encouraged by the fact most Malays prefer not to deal with it coz afraid of being called a racist. jangan bagi muka sangat kat depa ni...has to deal with them more agressively

Anonymous said...

Anas, I think you're one hell of a slow learner. Even the poor uneducated malay knows the attitude of these aliens towards the malays long long time ago ... AND YOU, supposedly the educated one only realized this yesterday..?....what a joke .. Either you are one super duper stupid moron or still living in a state of denial.

Don't believe me..? Go try coax them to accept the 0ne school system ... and see what you get..

Honestly, I don't expect my comment to get your approval.... but I know waht I am talking about.

Cheers and you have a fine day Anas.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anas,

Semua makhluk di dunia ni adalah rasis. Jangan semua orang nak menidak hakikat ni. Jangan hipokrit. Siapa tak sayang bangsa dia?

There's nothing wrong being racist as long as you don't oppressed other race.

Anonymous said...

God made man, man made slaves....

we are all born equal in the eyes of our Creator...

Anonymous said...

Was it some intelleginet people (not me) that says - people who walk in the middle of the road will get run down from both sides.

Those Chindians are nothing but leeches that 13th May should have got rid off. Lets do the unfinish business. The Malays are just too kind, too accomidating that no other race whould have allowed Chindians to be what they are now.

Mat Bonk.

Roy said...

yes, Malays are looked down by other races in Malaysia. 'They are corrupt, They are lazy, They are is exasperating to hear/read the 'theys' that the Malays are refered to when browsing Malaysiakini and TMI.

Anonymous said...

Vinnan, 6/7, 2:55pm,
Why don't you go and ask your Ananda, the billionaire to use the money he's gonna get by increasing prices for Astro or the money he's getting from lousy Maxis service to help your poor Indians? That's better than barking on the Malays la...

Anonymous said...

Saudara Anas,

Saya amat bersetuju dengan apa yang saudara kata. Cuba kita hayati peribahasa Melayu "Gajah sama gajah bergaduh,yang akan mati ditengah ialah sang kancil". Satu lagi bangsa di negara ini cuba melaga laga kan bangsa melayu untuk mendapat kuasa politik. contoh yang paling ketara ialah Demo BERSIH dimana satu bangsa langsung tidak peduli tetapi bangsa Melayu begitu ghairah mengambil bahagian untuk merealisasikan persepsi rakyat membenci kerajaan yang selama ini di pegang oleh bangsa melayu.Cara strategik yang licik ini sungguh menyakin bangsa melayu yang tidak sedar dan satu lagi bangsa yang cukup sedar misi dan visi mereka. akhirnya berkata lah mereka , LIHAT LAH MELAYU PUN TAK SUKA KEPADA MELAYU, APATAH KITA UNTUK MENYOKONG PEMIMPIN MELAYU SEKARANG" Maka misi bangsa itu telah berjaya mendapat sokongan pandu dari bangsanya sendiri.Tetapi mereka lupa apakah impek sebenar kalau melayu sama melayu bergaduh akan mengugat kesejahteraan Malaysia."The centrifugal security of Malaysia is found only with Malay". Semoga Allah memeliharai semua Rakyat Malaysia. Amin.

Anonymous said...

The answer is quite simple: One SCHOOL.

Now which mountain to move to get the dinosors among us to agree? Can they get past their insecurities? hhhmmm...

Praxis said...

It is good, natural and wise to evaluate all from the same standards of equity or justice.

But can we intepret DAP's response without any reference to history?

Are we to hold the DAP to the same standards of integrity as UMNO?

What the response proves is the hypocrisy of the DAP. There is no mystery in that - their actions and democracy claims simply don't tally.

You must apply your standards over an extended period of time and see if what people say is true over some time. Without history, analysis won't be accurate. Easily people make claims. Dr Mahathir's autobiography helps clear one's thinking and judgements.

Tron said...

I am sooo with you Gibby,

The problem is that the Malays are not good at being two faced.

But for them, they talk and pretend to laugh with you but behind you they hold so much contempt and vile. This even happens among themselves.

That is their trait which even my chinese friends openly admit.

As for the rich indians...well the caste systems speaks for itself.

They even hate themselves. Name me an indian who hangs outs with the lower caste?

Either that they convert and have pompous names likes Jones, Edwards etc.

But have no fear.

History has shown that we show our true selves when push comes to shove.

Nur Zaini said...


You seem to blame on the Malays for not being a Malaysian in this article.

You talk about Mara, and UiTM.

But what about vernacular school system. If you wanna talk about true Malaysian, don't just talk solely on Malays.

I'm pretty sure that you're aware on non-bumi reactions when Government suggested for one school system. What will you called these peoples who rejected the opportunity for our children to study under one roof? Do they act as a true Malaysian?

And what about the language? Our national language is Bahasa but the statistics of Chinese and Indians who can speak fluently in Bahasa is pretty bad. So, what will you call these peoples? Do they act as a true Malaysian?

If you want all Malaysia's citizen to be defined as one race - a Malaysian, all the citizens should study under one school system and speak the National Language fluently.

Is not fair when you ask for UiTM and Mara to be opened for Non Bumi when there are still vernacular schools and peoples who can't even speak proper Bahasa.

Thank you.

Tony Yew said...

Good day Anas,

What can I say? You know you rown intentions and it means well, but there will always be others out there to use you when you are with them, and stab you when they think you are not.

Been there. Don't need these 'pengkhianat' negara to tell me what I stand for.

This herd (I used pack, but was corrected by my commenter) mentality only emerged recently because those opposed to a united and harmonious Malaysia, has started to poison the minds of our young ones.

The damage will show years later when these young ones grow up with angst that will result in the tearing of the community.

I made a police report recently against a catholic woman who wants 'chriistians to march against the persecution of our lord'.

I feel sorry that a woman her age who practice the catholic faith can resort to these kinds of baseless accusations (much like the ethnc cleansing that was used by Hindraf), and then accuse Perkasa when they try to defend the malay race.

When did we all become like that?

The truth is we haven't. We still sit together, hang out at the teh tarik stalls, and I have never seen more acceptance of their fellow Malaysians even having non halal shops in their midst.

It is the MINORITY that makes us feel that we are besieged, the likes of Bersih is just another using excuses. Have you seen those behind the movement? They are at every gathering and anti establishment activism is in their blood.

If we can convince those around us of our intentions, that is enough. And you have done well, just don't let those people tell you otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Problem,we are too aware of our ethnicity,we are divided by race.Blame the racial politic ya!In US, ppl are proud of their nationality, they love to be called American, irrespective of their backgrd and color. Bro, just to share a story.Each time, my indian fren goes to EUrope, he proudly told the mat sallehs that he is malaysian but the moment he touch down KLIA , he feel 'indian'in his homeland,not malaysian!!How screw up can be? .

Anonymous said...

Anas, just one correction to be made. Zakat cannot be given to non-Muslims no matter what. And that is in accordance to the Quran. I for sure agree that to achieve racial unity, we should do away with vernacular schools. How on earth are we suppose to understand other races culture when we don't mix with them? We should only have National schools. Learning languages or religious subjects should be done after school. That will also be by choice and not by force.

And I feel that if we call ourselves Malaysian, the we should be able to converse in the national language fluently. Any other languages would be a bonus if spoken but mastery in teh National and English language is a MUST for development of the nation.

Mael Hashim said...

S.Arasu, who ask you to work here in the first place ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anas

All said, you are still a class above many more in this country, in that you have a right understanding of not just the Malays but all other Malaysians.

True, there is a God who will reward you not just in heaven but even here on Earth in this life because all humans belong to God who puts them in whichever country he chooses. It is only when we are on earth, that we brag about who we are or how powerful we may be but God decides everything going forward.
So let no one be rock hard or be a spinner because God will surely reward them accordingly here on this earth before the next round begins in afterlife.


HuaYong said...

I am curious, why you choose to speak like a ‘true Malaysian’ before this and did the reality change much all this years after you speak up? If most things remain status quo, I am perplexed why you find it ironic with the recent reaction.

When some said you are shallow wrt your letter to LGE, I think they are being too emotional, but your latest post really demonstrates that your thought and response lack depth.

I too am sad.

Anonymous said...

I thought you are from Yemen??

Krishnamurti said...

To the guy who commented earlier,

Anas's family is a Yemeni family trying to cari makan in our beloved land.

Let Anas and family live in peace la. Let's show them our welcome. Be nice to Anas.

This is the positive Malaysian spirit bro Anas is trying hard to promote. Give him a break please.

Anonymous said...

When you have a chinese malay like Tony Yew and your ketuanan hype you are not worth two cents to rub.
Look every educated could read your pretence what was intended for dap's cm in Penang.Could say you were cut into pieces like that yew guy! by most commentators.
Enough of that bullshit about you being malaysian...You should'nt tell down on us nons thats it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anas,
I really pity you. You are going through the same frustration I was going through for 30 years as a non-malay serving the Malaysian Army.

Peace be with you.Let us truly hope we can all call ourselves Malaysians.

Malaysian said...

Should successful Malays still be benefitting from NEP, at the expense of all others, including Malays, who are less successful, or contributing to it? Many seem to try their best to ignore this issue, while enjoying the gravy train to the max.

Anonymous said...

Well Anas,

My helper is a Chinese, been with us for the last 13years. Not only our devoted housekeeper but a loving "nanny" to my kids.

We also have a part-time ironing Indian lady and they both seemed to blend in well.


Irony, the Chinese living around my house will not even talk, let alone give them a warm smile?

They find it strange maybe, most of them employ Indonesian helpers..?


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Chua Soi Lek declares himself Malaysian first, Chinese second. How does he display this? By going all out for vernacular schools and all out for the abolishing of the 'Race' column in official government-related application forms. Lots can be learnt about this;
1) that Malays are looked down upon and if a certain column is abolished Malays are sure to be the ones to lose out since they are lazy and stupid and do not have the talent or ability. Logic behind this lingers around the confidence that 'abolish column, we are to gain the most'
2) that whatever happens with the country, whatever abolishing of affirmative policies for the Bumiputras being carried out, the vernacular schools will stay
3) that one supposed leader from a community can be so shallow to think, and so shameless to think aloud, that racism can be abolished by doing away with a column in a form rather than uniting the schooling system of our children
4) that no matter how racist one can be, one can still declare oneself 'Malaysian first, race second' and be critical of others for claiming 'race first, Malaysian second'.

and this from the head of a partner in a supposedly harmonious and united coalition. When did Chua Soi Lek help or defend a Malay that he can claim himself Malaysian first? he's always going on and on about his own race!


My eyes water almost every time I got to the 'Tanah tumpahnya darahku' part of the National Anthem. It's sad that in my Uni days some of my non-Malay friends can't (read: not able to) even sing the National Anthem in full. This was several years ago. Has conditions improved? Will everyone be able to sing the National Anthem and be as proud a Malaysian as I am if we abolish the 'Race' column?

If one wants equality, one must be sincere. One must be willing to sacrifice. If not then it's really just wanting more and having the 'grab and grope' mentality, and using equality as an excuse.


Anonymous said...

If we adopt one school system, does that mean non Malays can go to UITM? MCKK?

Think before u open you hole

Anonymous said...

Some things are better to be realized in time but will us learn from it? Nevertheless I'm glad for you. :)

Knowledge can be earn but wisdom is God given.


Anonymous said...


So who actually are helping the truly have-nots in this country?

Let me pose this question to your visitors here.

There are so many poor Bumiputra/Chinese and Indian families, as Anas pointed out..

And they are truly good at what they do, very professional,

So why the need to employ Indonesians/Filipinos/Mynmmars etc to help in your homes?

If my maid goes on leave for personal or religious reasons, she will bring another to take her place during her absence. Macam mana I seorang Melayu, can easily get Chinese and Indians to come and work in my house?

Come and interview them and they will tell you why?

Charity starts from your own home.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anas,
Let me put it this way. Where on this god given earth holds the majority of Malays? Malays that is very giving about sharing this land with others? Malays that's readily welcomes other race into their life? Malays that trust them to stay here and multiply? Malays that let's them speak their language and hold true to their traditions and even education?

NO! Not Indonesia, Philipines Malays nor any other country where Malays are scattered, they are all required to absorb the culture and speak the native tongue.

Malays in Malaysia SHARE their wealth and traditions and let other races stay true to their own. That is the secret to a stable Multi-race country. It has always been.

But now as the Malay proverb says, "Dah bagi betis,nak peha". That is what's happening now. And they will not stop just because the likes of you keep advocating about how the Malays should treat other races. That is exactly what they want to hear, the Malays strip themselves and go NAKED. I'm glad you notice that they don't really care about what becomes of the Malays cause they think they powered the economy and now give us all the rights. While they are a dime a dozen around the world. Malaysian Malays only have this little piece of land called Malaysia to call their own.

Come on Anas. Please open your eyes to their motives. Don't be blinded by trying too much rationalising racial matters in Malaysia by being too open to them.

Because in reality (as been proven) by your entry above that their motives are clear, "We dont want to share with you Malays, we just want Malaysia to ourselves!"

And that's the bitter truth!


Anonymous said...

Anas,GO back to english-medium schooling system, everything will go places, now our education system is so fragmented, how did we get into situation like this??, u want answer?.. go ask the politicians!

The other point is why do we behave this??. Some think they are muslim first, malaysian last, some think race first, nationality second bla bla etc..I got a theory, i think human behaviour is a function of national policy. Look at North Korea and South Korea, the north korean behaves very differently from South. Also look at iraqis behaving during Saddam era and post -Saddam era...u think my theory hold water??!

Old School Rules said...

I believe you have spoken on behalf of the majority on this issue...this has happened because anything that is governed by the Malays are associated with failures...the government, the judiciary and the legislators. If we were to move forward as a nation, we must forget the sins of our forefathers who had failed to truly implement NEP. At the same time, the non-Malays must be willing to adopt Malay-sia in sincerity and without prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bro Anas, I have always had great admiration for you. But your letter change all that .
It's not because you defended your race but your letter came across as "who insist on having his way because he felt he was more superior than the rest of us" Perhaps, it was not your intention to do so, but it came across as one.So your inention of enlightening DAP on how to win over the malays, came across as condescending, not a letter seeking understanding and reconciliation. Your letter put most nons on a defensive, so the response is not surprising.

Taking the "one school system" as an example.Believe it or not, I strongly support the "One School System" but to enforce it by force and threats, just doesn't go down well and I don't condone it. Winning over supporters and building loyalty is the way to go.

You can ask anyone who is sitting on the fence to read your letter. A non Malaysian perhaps, and they can tell your letter is " condescending and rather tactless.
That is the only reason why your letter was not getting "rave reviews " from the nons. I believe you also got feedback from some malays too and they too feedback your letter was just "tactless".
It has nothing to do with you defending your race.It's how you put the message across, and coming from you, I expected better.
Please do continue to give us feedback.

Seolferwulf said...

Where is the "economic value-add" being fluent in Bahasa Malaysia?

Feel-good fuzzy feelings aside, will it help me grow, progress and prosper in a globalised world?

To be brutally frank, the US melting pot is based on the English Language, with other languages as also-rans, although the value-add of Mandarin seems to be gaining credence.

The Japanese and mainland Chinese are essentially culturally homogeneous, so too the Germans, French, Italians and Spanish. Yet they all regard English as the universal common denominator for education, commerce, business, research and law.

So, what are we talking about for Malaysia? Assimilation a la Indonesia and Thailand or integration like the US, Australia and the UK?

Malay Charlemagne said...

Hey Anas, now you know the true "Chingkies/All-Nons" double face attitude right....? How is it like to feel their breath of fire ? Cakap tak serupa bikin punya manusia. They tell you and preach to you about humanism and basic human right values and god knows whatsoever rights they deserve.. Interestingly, would they reciprocate the same once the line is balanced or when the game tilts in their favours ?

You see Anas, the Nons of like Charles F moriera , Sillyganon CHingkie, S Pariah araSu and naked seorwulf@ chiang putung hua nia mentality manusia , instead of having a ear for emphaty, they ridiculed you, they offer you silly excuses beating around the bush excuses e.g: great motherland China is rising ! (heck after more than 200 years in this Blessed land and more than 10 generations here in malaysia they stil cant speak the proper language "mind you THE national language" of this country and practice and assimilate to the Adat and Culture of the Tuan Tanah !), this is only the beginning I CAN RANT AND RAMBLE FOR MORE... thats just the typical traits of the Nons.

Syabas Bro Anas being a true Patriot for your Bangsa dan Negara tercinta and for Malaysians alike.

Yellowrabbit said...

Dear Anas,

Keep on belieaving in what your are doing. Feel sad but not despair and discouraged.

In every race there are the good, the bad, the ugly, the rotten and the smelly ones!!

May God let the good prevail, enlighten the bad and the ugly while save the souls of the rotten and the smelly ones. Ameen.

Let us who call ourselselves Malaysian cherish this peaceful and God blessed motherland. Let us count our blessing. Let us do our individual part in safekeeping Malaysia. Our effort can make the difference, God willing. Peace be upon you and all. Ameen.

Anonymous said...

Bro Anas, reading all the comments here....we can see racist on both sides of the divide. Each have their own story to justify their dislike for the other. Most of them forget that their encounter with one person doesn't justify that ALL is like that. People who live in isolation, from the rest of the other races have the tendency to do that.

What I can't figure is that why the extremist feels that
" IF the OTHER PERSON fights for their rights, means taking OUR RIGHTS " ?
Is it not possible for both to have their RIGHTs protected ?

Does our present system advocate this ?
Why do Malaysians feel that way ?

Let's take the example of a family that adopts another child in the family. If the family adopts the other child, would that family give more to their own child or treat them both the same ?
Would the other child be constantly reminded that it is ADOPTED ?

If one child is slower than the other, does the family help the slower one or nitpick whether it's their own or adopted child before giving special attention ?

Should an adopted child help out the family that have taken them into family and treated them as a family member ?

The answers are so obvious, morally and any God fearing person can give the answer to that, but when it comes to race, it's a different matter altogether, WHY ?

A family that is CLOSE will never lose sight of their love for one another. A family that no longer stays together, are no longer close,tends to follow the -in laws in most cases ;)

Anonymous said...

Vernacular schools flourish out of policy change. I remembered in the 6o,70s the chinese schools struggled to survive for lack of students, most of us sent our children to english medium schools like st john, la salle etc but the moment PM changed to B.M medium, vernacular (chinese) schools were given a new lease of life.

Wake up!Actually we are taken for a ride by the politicians for long time, they use 'end justify the mean' type of argument, first they say the reason was nationalistic, then they try to revert some to english, citing the importance of commercial usage of english, then again another policy change to revert back to B.M for math and science, so who suffer most?.. not the rich or politicians ' kids, they are sent to international schools.

Anonymous said...

Anas, peace man. You are a good human being. Keep on doing what you think is right.

Its easier to take the racial position,like some comments here. But it is challenging to keep-up to lofty principles beyond racial boundries. Live-up to the challange. There are many others along the path. Chauvinist exist in all colours and creed, devoid them.

Our society is not only divided by racial lines but alos with rampant economic inequality. This is the source of distrust among different racial groups. Sober voices like yours are the remedy.

May Allah SWT will always be your guide.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Anas,

Please read a book written by 3 gentlemen entitled 'Selagi Hayat Dikandung Badan: Lembaran Perjuangan'. After reading it, please post a comment in your blog. I am looking forward to read your comment.


rudy said...

Alahai Tuan, baru tau ke?

Anonymous said...

i'm speechless at the rebuttal, honestly i am. guy was just shooting anas down line by line without any consideration to what he has written at all.

monstercat said...

Your message has been:

-in 1996, was to include other races in our local universities;
-in 2006, was to include the urban poor especially the Indians in the govt’s affirmative action;
-in 2008, was to include the other races when it comes to welfare assistance;
-in 2009, was to include & consider the sensitivities of other races; and
-in 2010, was to include assistance for non-Muslims’ places of worships.

Do you not see the pattern? Non-Malays/Muslims have been excluded from all the above privileges & assistance for how many years? And you cry unfairness when you were chided for asking for better treatment for your own kind from a group that has been excluded?

Reality Check said...

Those who claimed to have suddenly realised that the chinese communities in Malaysia are champion of racism, think back how the resentment has been compounded. The situation now is the repercussion of what your forefathers have implemented. It's so easy to use the Chinese as scapegoats again.

I blame it on the policies - how can we look up to a culture that wins privileges by handicap? How can the non-Malays/Muslims look up to you when we suspect that your university degrees are awarded on a lowered standard? And the suspicions were proven right when they couldn't compete without crutches! We don't have to get nitty-gritty about it - just look at the ministers & some in authorities - just listen to them speak their minds. We have morons running our country & nearly all of them are Malays & that worries me a lot.

I'm very sorry for being harsh but the Malays have been protected from reality for so many years. Don't just blame others when in actuality you brought it upon yourself.

Reality Check said...

It was the education policies that compounded the already existing resentment & distrust.

The policies gave bumi students lower qualification to further their studies after Form 5. While non-bumis must score higher to be eligible, bumis don't have to. And if non-bumis qualify for further education, they've to face the quota. While it was easier for bumis to enter with lower scores.

So can you blame the non-bumis for believing that bumis are not very smart? The education ministry should NOT have lowered the standards but should have assisted the bumis financially in terms of school fees, text books, uniforms, subsidised tuitions or whatever they can think of, BUT NOT lower the standard.

Malays are supposed to be the leaders of Malaysia; I being a non-bumi am not fighting for a non-bumi leader but am very worried that our future leader may be a product of such low standard education.

HowItHappen said...

jon pour do care said...

Salam Tuan,

" Something very interesting in this posting but Tuan, you stop short answering your 'one million dollars question' ! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN ?

I humbly believe this question has been bugging the malays also ! Can you help to find the answer(s)? Help is needed here !"

I got the answer to the million dollar question.

This happen due to the gentleness and naivity of the Malays culture.
After WW2 no country give citizenships to Indian labourers (pariah) or Chinese dulang washers kuli like Malays did.

The Federated Malays States changes its name to Malaysia and consist of 9 Malay Sultanates all Malays and the King is Malay. All the MBs are Malays. The civil service is run efficiently by Malays. The country is defended against the Chinese communists by Malays Regimen. Malaysia as the most peaceful country in the world is run by the Malay Police Force.

I hope you notice that this is a Malay country with Malay language and culture. The Chinese and Indians kept dual citizenships as they think of going back. They never thought being Malaysians until the opportunity came up. Dual citizenships are not allowed now. But the vernacular schools teaching Mandarin and tamil ensure that they can go back home and be bumiputeras in their fatherland.

The problem is due to the generosity of the Malays, they appointed the son of an Indian from Kerala as UMNO President and PM, Mahathir who loathe the Malay language. Belittling Malay as not suitable for science and Mathematics. They can speak Malay at home, said the half Indian.

Unknowing to the majority of
Malays, Mahathir slowly dismantle Malay culture which of course he is not privy to as his father was Indian.

Indian business man Ananda became the richest man in Malaysia with monopoly in Oil and Gas, Bumi Armada, Astro, Maxis etc.

The Malays makan gaji or become writer eking out a living. The generosity of Malays made them forget that DAP are ex communist Chinese sympathisers so people like Anas thought they are of the normal human race.

But history has shown that the human race is run by the stronger race. The Red Indians were killed by Christian European in US. The US is not a melting pot, its land grabbing by European at the natives expense.

Naivity is also akin to stupidity. So those who think they are of a human race will be surprised when they are refused entry to the US or New Zealand haha.

Anonymous said...


most of my friends are like you. they still do. they have sacrificed so much for something that betrays them when they are not in their favour. the damaged has already been done.

i'm so sorry for you and the malays in this country. there's no use crying over spilt milk.

mostly probaly, your kids will be foreigners in their own land.

someday, they will ask 'dad' why? what have you done?


Jimmy L. said...

Making a middle-ground stand means defending it against all comers.

ruzila said...

I agree with you, I agree with you...

Old Fart said...

I did not agree with your stance. But I don't think I regard you chauvinistic. I have a whole posting in response to your response to Commander Thayaparan's response to you. Maybe you haven't read it!!