Saturday, July 23, 2011

BERSIH 2.0 – The Police Story: Part 1

For the first time I was at Bukit Aman. I had a meeting with Dr Chandra earlier and decided to join him for a PDRM press conference soon after. Here I will download the entire session captured via my Nokia E-7. The PDRM showed some interesting captions, you watch for yourself. Did Mat Sabu lie? Did Tian Chua lead a group of people to charge at the police? Were there instigators? Did the police fire tear gas after or before they were provoked? Did they shoot at Tung Shin? Obviously they would not show if there were brutality...but, have a look from their side ...and the buffet they served LOL. Happy watching, anas

Here's part 1 of the videos:

Bersih: The police story_part1_1/6

Bersih: The police story_part1_2/6

Bersih: The police story_part1_3/6

Bersih: The police story_part1_4/6

Bersih:The Police Story_part1_5/6

Bersih: The police story_part1_6/6


Monsterball said...

I'm a frequent visitor to your blog, but I've never placed any comments.
I can understand your effort to balance the torrent of information about Bersih 2.0 being placed on the Internet, BUT....

I searched in vain for any post by you concerning what Bersih's organisers had to didn't need to take sides, but you could have presented it in a neutral manner.

By jumping straight to presenting the Police Story, you expose yourself to accusation of being a mere Police apologist or propagandist...

Just a friendly feedback...

Anonymous said...

the launch of charm PR. Each side got their own snapshots to back their claims.