Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Money Talk - Part 2

Couple of months ago I tweeted the $TALK (Money Talk) series and it was well received. Here, I have collected them and will blog a few at a time for those who may have missed them or simply wanted a refresher. Furthermore, life is more than just Politics
. Here another 11 of them …

10. If you are just starting out, and choosing between buying a Vios or a City, buy a VIVA :)

11. Don't hang-out with complainers. They think they are smarter than Top Management but have no clue why they are not; so they complain to feel good

12. Law of Attraction will only work if you are ALREADY attractive :)

13. Always get ladies to be in your project team - they are into details. They will even notice you have only four strands of hair on your chest, LOL!

14. Just like having enough antibodies, to win, you must do so well that even if the competition cheats,your spare capacity will drown them

15. It is better to buy a lesser car and get a driver with the extra $ than buying a better car without a driver.

16. The moment you can afford it, get a PA and a Driver

17. Everyone has instinct; but successful people trust their instinct. Learn to trust yours :)

18. Union members never become rich. So work your butt out of the union, take a course or something & get promoted into management

19. Successful salespeople always give more than we expect. Do the same at work :)

20. Do not hold on to your money until you 'tercekik' and do not let it go until you 'terlondeh' :)


Anonymous said...

IF everybody is prudent in saving and spending, who need 'money talk'?

Anonymous said...

my fren ask me to invest in gold bullion!..Huh! dont trust metal commodity but then my frens making big buck speculating the weakness of dollar.....