Saturday, July 16, 2011

Money Talk – Part 1

Couple of months ago I tweeted the $TALK (Money Talk) series and it was well received. Here, I have collected them and will blog a few at a time for those who may have missed them or simply wanted a refresher. Furthermore, life is more than just Politics J . Here are 9 of them …

  1. When you earn RM2K a month, pretend you earn RM1K. Many do not know that to retire comfortably after 55, you need to save 50% of income from day one.

  2. If you can afford an Accord, buy a Civic; if you can afford a bungalow, buy a semi-detached. Always go for the lower option - you will be okay later in life :)

  3. Go exercise at the park INSTEAD OF THE GYM. It’s FREE, healthier and more romantic. Save that RM150 gym fee for retirement

  4. It's better to earn RM10 because you work hard than RM100 million of HARAM money

  5. God gave us the best GYM in the world - your own body weight. Its with you wherever you are. Use it to the fullest if you are a wise one :)

  6. Politicians in the office will tell you to work smart not work hard. They never become MDs. You will need to WORK HARD AND WORK SMART to succeed.

  7. To get promoted, get help and advice from a MENTOR, COACH or ROLE MODEL. Not a BOMOH :)

  8. If you are not into reading serious management stuff, take an MBA. You WILL have to. If you don’t have the cash, sell your fancy car and buy a VIVA

  9. Sell your house, rent a simple place - use the money for your children's education :)

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Anonymous said...

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