Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bersih 2.0 - Police Story (part 2)


  1. Did Tian Chua lead in provoking the police force before gas was fired?
  2. Did the FRU fire gas and water cannon before or after provocation? Did the police give ample warning?
  3. Police hospitality? How were those who were rounded treated?
Here are the videos:

Bersih: The police story_part2_1/7

Bersih: The police story_part2_2/7

Bersih: The police story_part2_3/7

Bersih: The police story_part2_4/7

Bersih:The Police Story_part2_5/7

Bersih: The police story_part2_6/7

Bersih:The police story_part2_7/7

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